Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Kamal's song in Rajini's film � `Sivaji' secrets!

Rajini film songs are being made into re-mixes. Now for the first
time, we have a Kamal song in Rajini's film. Shankar is guarding
the secrets of `Sivaji' like a demon protecting its treasure, but
every now and then, some tidbit leaks out, like the above news.
Recently, a wedding scene of Shreya and Rajini getting married was
shot at a Thiruverkadu marriage hall. Following this, their nuptial
night scene was shot at the studios.

In this scene, Rajini and Shreya enjoy singing and dancing to old
numbers. One of the songs is `nethi raathiri yamma...' from the
Kamal film `Sakalakala Vallavan.' Other songs featured are songs
from MGR and Sivaji films. Then the style switches over to AR's
music for a dream song. The family owned AVM Studios has been
divided between AVM Saravanan and AVM Balasubramanian with both of
them taking care of their individual holdings. In the property
division, AVM Saravanan handed over the rights of the films produced
under the AVM banner to his younger brother Balasubramanian. So,
Shankar formally asked permission to use the song from `Sakalakala
Vallavan' in `Sivaji.' With great joy, Balasubramanian gave him the
go ahead. In a part of Balasubramanian's studio, a scene shows
Rajini and Vivek walking down the street. The AVM brothers have
shown that property may be divided but not their blood ties!

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