Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sivaji 125 Days Celebration at Tuticorin

Tuticorin125days5.jpg picture by rajinifans
Tuticorin125days8.jpg picture by rajinifans
Tuticorin125days7.jpg picture by rajinifans
Tuticorin125days1.jpg picture by rajinifans
Tuticorin125days.jpg picture by rajinifans
Tuticorin125days2.jpg picture by rajinifans

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Mottai Boss Rap Song

You could kill me you thought you could get away but you never never never never gonna get away
you can break me a break me a take me break me a
never never never gonna get away no
comin with an aim comin
comin with a jai
comin with an aim comin
comin with a jai
comin with an aim
is Sivaji
comin with an aim comin
comin with a jai
comin with an aim comin
comin with a jai
comin with an aim
is Sivaji
you could kill me you thought you could get away but you never never never never gonna get away 
you can break me a break me a take me break me a
never never never gonna get away
you could kill me you thought you could get away but you never never never never gonna get away 
you can break me a break me a take me break me a
never never never gonna get away 
The Boss(3)

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Sivaji overtakes Chandramukhi - Nethiyadi in Maalai Malar !!

You all might aware of Sivaji's record in 125 days in Tamil nadu and other parts of globe.

The news was sent to print media and it has come in today Maalai Malar.

Right time for the news

The news in today (Monday) Maalai malar is very important because - Govt. award function invitation has also come in today's papers.

To the attention of Vaitherichal parties

All vaitherichal parties like Bachans and Konis, Puruda News Anandan and other lead actors, actress would have seen the news. Also the news in Malar reaches high level in govt. functionaries upto Cabinet level. Finally also AVM.

The message was shown clearly to them. "Sivaji has beat CM record!!"

Pls check the following link for the news scan:

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What happened in Albert Theater? - Answer!!

You all should remember that Sivaji ran in Albert for 100 + days as 4 Shows/day.

After that , the film was shifted to Baby Albert in reduced shows and finally removed.

Our films were never forced to run by Superstar or his circles. Running films is purely at the discretion of producers (Like Ramkumar, Sivaji Productions) and distributors.

Previously our films used to release only in 8 theatres. But you all know that Sivaji was released in 17 theatres with 4 shows. (Even in Prarthana - the other theatre Aradhana it was released)

So, you can't expect it to run more than 100 days in Albert. Moreover, Albert has lost its floating population as Omni Bus-stand has been shifted to Koyambedu. In earlier days while our film was having more than 100 days run in Albert - it was running in Bala Abirami and Baby Albert alone.

But now - Devi Bala 4 shows and Inox and Santham and Bala Abirami. Double the running. So, please don't zoom this. And enjoy the running.

Even last weekend, during the Bandh and other holidays Sivaji was Houseful at Baby Albert.

Moreover, i heard that there was a difference of opinion between Albert and Abirami Ramanathan and hence the film was removed.....

Note: The ticket rate was very very high in Albert compared to the facilities it has. - Rs.70 and Rs.85 for Sivaji.

- Sundar

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Sivaji starting another round at Satyam Complex

Sivaji has started its second round in sathyam complex. With effect from Friday (12 Oct 2007) , it will be shifted back from 4-Seasons (smaller capacity) to the much bigger Santham hall (where it was running earlier).

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Is Rajini Kelavan?

Actor Boss who acted as Sumans friend in Sivaji to whom Thalaivar says "Singam singala varum" dialogue.  He was speaking in Vijay TV "King Queen Jack" programme whereby he supposed to tell jokes and experiences in the programme.   He shared some of his interesting experience during Sivaji shooting. He used to see at least 4 to 5 movies a day in VCD and Thalaivar used to ask him about those movies and they would discuss more about it.
On one such days, he seems to have told Thalaivar that about a movie where Mohanlal has acted as a 50 years old kelavan (old man) and had given a very good performance.  The whole day Thalaivar did not speak to him and everybody seemed to have been glaring at him since then.  When he was totally confused, Thalaivar came in the evening and asked him if 50 years is a kelavan, then  do you mean to say that I am a kelavan too? Thalaiavr laughed his heart out!   The speaker lauded Thalaivar for his sense of humour and taking things in jovial spirits.  That is Super Star for us!
News brought to us by Srinivas Naidu, Bangalore.

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Actor leads India's rising film industry

CHENNAI, India - Waiting in line to see the most expensive film in Indian history, a young woman searched for the right words to describe the movie's star, an aging, slightly paunchy actor who goes by the name of Rajnikanth.

"He is a god," Deborah Rekha Jeyasekar, 21, finally declared. "We accept that."

This isn't necessarily hyperbole in a land where celebrities are treated with something close to idolatry. When Sivaji - The Boss opened June 15, fans poured milk over cardboard cutouts of Rajnikanth in a Hindu rite of worship. Others sacrificed an entire week's wages to buy scalped tickets to the first screening.
Fueled by the actor's megawatt star power, the film, with its Robin Hood story line and an estimated budget of $18 million - huge by Indian standards - appears to be enjoying a blockbuster run at the theaters, though box-office figures have yet to be released.

But Sivaji is not a Bollywood production, and Rajnikanth is not a Hindi-speaking Bollywood heartthrob. The movie was shot in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, and the dialogue is in Tamil, a language spoken by more than 70 million people.

The strong success of Sivaji has highlighted the fact that the Indian film industry, often considered synonymous with Bollywood, is actually far more diverse. A country of more than a dozen official languages, India has several different "ollywoods" scattered across the subcontinent, churning out movies that cater mostly to regional audiences.

Indeed, although Bollywood's colorful song-and-dance spectacles generally boast the biggest budgets, the biggest stars and the biggest domestic and international penetration, the Hindi film industry in Mumbai accounts for only about a quarter of the 1,000 or so movies produced in India annually.

Almost as prolific are "Kollywood," the Tamil film industry based in Tamil Nadu, and "Tollywood," its Telugu-language counterpart in the neighboring state of Andhra Pradesh. Combined, the two entertainment powerhouses released nearly twice as many feature films last year as Bollywood.

"Everyone thinks Bollywood is the biggest in India, but it's actually the South Indian movie market that is bigger than the Hindi market," said Hetal Adesara, editor of (Hindi is the dominant language of India, spoken by more than 300 million people, concentrated mostly in the north.)

The growth in regional filmmaking, along with India's overall economic boom, has helped spur optimistic forecasts of the potential of the country's movie industry.

A report this year by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry pegged India's film business at $2.1 billion in 2006. That figure will more than double by 2011, the report projected.

Last year's highest-grossing movies in India were Bollywood creations, led by Krrish, starring the highly bankable Hrithik Roshan as a caped superhero. The movie, which made it into a handful of American theaters, raked in about $20 million worldwide, more than triple its initial investment. (In India, tickets at even the best cinemas in big cities never cost more than $5.)

This year, Bollywood has struggled to match 2006's record at the box office. Several high-profile films with big-name stars have flopped.

Still, Bollywood's global reach is not in any doubt. Its films do brisk business in other parts of Asia and in the West, especially in nations with significant South Asian populations, such as Britain. Same-day premieres around the world have become more common, and reviews of Bollywood flicks now appear in American newspapers.

But some non-Bollywood films are making inroads of their own. Rajnikanth, a bus conductor turned actor, has a devoted following in Japan, and ardent fans in Malaysia rioted and set one cinema on fire when the first screenings of Sivaji were delayed by a few hours.

In India, the highly anticipated film - the actor's first in two years - is exhibiting strong staying power, boosted by a months-long publicity campaign by its maker, AVM Studios. Three weeks after the movie's premiere, even weekday morning shows here in Chennai were sold out, attended by screaming moviegoers of both sexes.

Industry scuttlebutt has it that Rajnikanth's fee for Sivaji was $5 million, plus a share of the profits, making him India's highest-paid actor.

The movie follows a well-worn populist story line in which the title character brings down a corrupt rich businessman and builds hospitals and schools for the poor. But Indian critics are in near-unanimous agreement that the plot is largely irrelevant. The movie is essentially a vehicle for Rajnikanth to reel off one-liners, perform Matrix-like stunts and strut around.

That's why, analysts say, the film has traveled so well outside of Tamil Nadu. An inability to understand Tamil is no barrier to figuring out what's happening on screen. (A non-Tamil-speaking American reporter, who sat through all three hours and 20 minutes of Sivaji, can attest to this.)

The movie also underscores the importance in India, more so than in Hollywood, of a big-name star for launching a blockbuster. An Indian film with an A-list actor can certainly flop, but a film without one almost never becomes a hit.

"Rajnikanth is an amazing star who sort of bypasses all age groups," said film critic and analyst Indu Mirani. "He's about 60-plus, but . . . he's so flamboyant on screen that he appeals to everybody."

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The conductor who took the right bus to Superstardom


Surprise, surprise, it's yet another 100 for the master and in case you are wondering, I am not talking about Sachin Tendulkar. I am referring to the completion of a 100-day run of yet another blockbuster of Indian Cinema's impregnable superstar Rajnikanth.

I have reason to believe that Tendulkar's record of international hundreds in cricket will be beaten in the not too distant future, however I can't for the life of me imagine any other star in Kollywood even coming close to matching Rajni's incredible run of blockbusters exceeding 100 days in his illustrious career spanning more than three decades.

As far as the movie Sivaji the Boss is concerned, today is not merely a 100th day celebration but rather it has been 100 days of celebration. Diwali is still a good month and a half away but for the millions of Rajni fans in India and worldwide, the last 100 days have been equivalent to 100 days of Diwali.

Sivaji the Boss, during the course of the past hundred days, has re-written every established Box Office Record in Kollywood and is likely to continue to do so for many weeks, months and years to come as well. The producers and the distributors of Sivaji have not been able to wipe that ever-present smile off of their faces owing to the unprecedented and never before seen financial success of Sivaji the Boss, worldwide. In the movie, actor Vivek refers to the BOSS as Bachelor Of Social Service. However, as far as the producers and distributors are concerned Rajni is a different type of BOSS. To them he has always been and always will be the one and the only Box Office Super Star who effortlessly gives them a maximum guarantee on returns every single time. On the one very rare instance that he failed to do so as in the case of Baba in 2002, Rajni shocked everyone when he decided to return the monies to the distributors so that they would not incur any losses. Such is the magnanimous and principled nature of this awesome human being.

Superstars like Rajnikanth do not fade away. They seem to get brighter with age. In his 32nd year in cinema, the Indian movie industry's greatest and most enduring crowd-puller has delivered yet another mega hit that is infinitely bigger than anything ever seen before. No other Indian movie star, not even the redoubtable Amitabh Bachchan, another showbiz supernova, can match this 57-year-old man's ability to single-handedly spearhead box office money-spinners. Rajnikanth's latest film, Sivaji the Boss released world-wide on the 15th of June, is still running to packed houses in many parts of Tamil Nadu and elsewhere. The only rival / challenger of some substance to Rajnikanth's unprecedented success in the Indian movie industry is Rajnikanth himself. What Rajni has achieved and continues to achieve in his glittering and incredibly successful career spanning more than 30 years can only be emulated and / or beaten by Rajni himself. Nothing illustrates this point better than the following sequence of events. Chandramukhi became the highest grosser in Tamil movie history beating another Rajni classic, Padayappa and now Sivaji has eclipsed Chandramukhi as the biggest grosser in Tamil film history. One will have to wait for Rajni's next release to see more new records being established.

Long before Shivaji Rao Gaekwad became Superstar Rajnikanth, he was a humble bus conductor in Bangalore. His passengers loved him. They knew him as the man who doled out tickets like no one else could. He was free entertainment in the otherwise jerky state transport. Shivaji was happy, life was beautiful until an angel crossed his path – his colleague. The colleague became his friend, and urged Shivaji to challenge his horizons. A hesitant, Shivaji took his first tremulous steps into the tinsel town's Tamil chapter and before he knew it, he was swept off his feet and by the time he came back down, Shivaji Rao Gaekwad was Rajnikanth the Superstar. A new era dawned upon Indian Cinema, an era that promised style, charisma, charm and a never before seen electrifying screen presence that would go on to enthral and captivate audiences in India and all over the world, movie after movie, year after year.

Long before there was Matrix, there was Rajnikanth; performing tricks not even Neo dared attempt in his sanest mind like lighting a cigarette mid-air as it flipped or slicing a bullet into two with a half blade. Unbelievable? The audience didn't think so. For them, he was the ubiquitous Robin Hood, friend of the poor and enemy of the State. With his dark skin, and guy down the road looks, he was the hope for the masses, suppressed by the age-old caste politics of the higher ups in the dog-eat-lesser-dog pyramid. As it has been said in one of the James Bond movies, 'No one does it like you do, no one does it half as good as you'. That is why Rajnikanth is the Superstar, that is why he reigns in the hearts of the masses and that is why no one, and I mean absolutely no one can take his place as the emperor of Indian Cinema. Ore oru chandhiran, ore oru suriyan, ore oru Superstar and that is Rajnikanth.

As he continued devouring the baddies on screen, the shrieking mass frenzy off-screen put him on a pedestal, idolized him and made him a temple. He was officially declared and bestowed upon the Demi - God status in Indian Cinema. He had power, and he wielded it with aplomb befitting only the larger than life Royalty. From Durban in South Africa to Tokyo in Japan, the Rajnikanth fan following grew to unimaginable proportions. Movie after movie, Rajnikanth's conquests grew. Alexander the Great's own escapades pale in comparison and with each of his conquests, his fan following, both in India and overseas grew by the millions. To say that Rajni's incredible fan following is unmatched and the biggest by far for any Indian star is truly an understatement. To the masses Rajni on screen was the new Krishna, not an idealist, but a man who will achieve his goals with the help of illicit loopholes in the system.

He is not Rama, who did everything right, as per the moral code of conduct. People are not moved by mighty speeches that beckon them to arise, awake, and take action. They'd much rather connect to someone who shows them how it's done. Through Rajni, people live vicariously, exacting retribution for all the wrongs they see around them.
For Full Report :

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Doubts regarding Sivaji's success in AP?

Every time when somebody raises question regarding Sivaji's hit in any area - i get new infos to tackle them. Thanks to them. They are indeed helping me.

One of our friend from AP (?!!) recently raised some doubts regarding Sivaji's hit in AP.

Now i have a perfect answer. And that too from one of our critic.

VannaThirai, from KUNGUMAM group which came up with some negative news regarding Sivaji in recent past has now put a positive news (?? !!)

The news bit speaks about Sivaji's success  in AP. And i think this is enough for the moment until my Sivaji missile kicks off.

Pls click the following link for the scanned  news

- Sundar

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Shreya to dub for Shivaji Hindi version

Amidst Tamil, Telugu and Hindi offers pouring in, Shreya has found time to dub for her voice in the Hindi version of Shivaji: The Boss. In the Tamil version of the film, dubbing artiste Kaniga dubbed for Shreya. Shreya is very excited about dubbing giving her own voice, that too in Hindi! Director Shankar had already changed a few things in the Hindi version of the film. The part before the song Athiradithan… is one of the parts changed. The orignal Tamil version of Shivaji opened to packed houses even in the remote villages of North India. The dubbed version of the film is expected in theatres

In other news about Shreya, she has been targeted by none other Kollywood playboy Simbu for a role in his upcoming film by Linguswany’s assistant Paneerselvam. The actor still has three films in postproduction - Kaalai, Kettavan, and Silambattam - despite which he had decided to go ahead with the fourth. The film will be under Linguswamy’s home production banner. Subash Chandra Bose, Linguswamy’s brother, will produce the film.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

100 days just 'half-way mark' for 'Sivaji'

Chennai, Sep 26 (IANS) Superstar Rajnikant's blockbuster 'Sivaji: The Boss' has completed 100 days but no celebrations marked the occasion because producers say it has many more milestones to cross.
'We have only crossed the half-way mark. Let 'Sivaji' cross still bigger marks. Then we will celebrate!' said S.C. Babu, CEO of AVM Productions, under whose banner the film was made.
The movie was released amid much hype and fanfare, and the suspense was heightened with its release date getting postponed several times.
In the bargain, several small and big films changed their release dates so that their films did not clash with Rajnikant's big movie. But the 'Boss' came only when he was ready.
One big film that really suffered was Suresh Balaji's Ajit-starrer 'Kireedam'. Ajit usually has a release on his birthday May 1. But this year, his 'Kireedam' did not release on the special day. However he did not show any disappointment, as he had no desire to question the 'Boss'.
First came the music of 'Sivaji'. And music from A.R. Rahman crosses all barriers. Even those who didn't know a word of Tamil listened to 'Sivaji: The Boss' and sang 'Vaaji Vaaji ...'.
And when 'Sivaji' arrived in style May 31, there was mass euphoria not only in Tamil Nadu but all over India. It was for the first time that a regional film created such national frenzy.
As there are around 140 digital theatres in Tamil Nadu, for the first time a large number of digital prints were dispatched to all the cinema halls. Digital prints apart, 400 Tamil and 300 Telugu prints were sent to theatres across the world.
For the first time, a Tamil film had simultaneous releases in the US, Canada, Britain, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Australia.
People stood in serpentine queues across South India to catch the first day first show of the blockbuster, and the film ran to full houses in North Indian cities too.
'Sivaji' is Rajnikant's 100th Tamil film, and the ninth for AVM. All the eight earlier films Rajni did for AVM were huge hits ... And the latest is their biggest ever.
A film completing 100 days is considered a big event as it has become a rarity. Surprisingly, when 'Sivaji' completed 100 days a few days ago, there were no celebrations.
Rajnikant, however, made a trip to the famed Tirupati temple in Andhra Pradesh to thank god for the film's success - he had visited the Lord Venkateswara temple before its release also.
And if one goes by AVM Productions' CEO, celebrations will have to wait until 'Sivaji' completes 200 days!

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Sivaji completes 100 days - NDTV

Sanjay Pinto

Friday, September 21, 2007: (Chennai):

The 'first day, first show' frenzy was re-enacted by die-hard Rajinikanth fans as his mega movie Sivaji races to its one hundredth day.

And capturing the celebration was a fan of a different kind - a professor who is making a documentary film on the Rajini mania.

"Rajini doesn't encourage this. Fans spend on their own. He tells them don't do this. Just be good human beings," said Dr Uma Vangal, Rajini Fan.

After the release of an unprecedented 500 prints in Tamil and 300 in Telugu worldwide, Sivaji seems to have lived up to the hype.

"In terms of collections, it's like a golden jubilee which is like 50 weeks of the movie," said M S Guhan, Managing Partner, AVM Productions.

At least 30 shows in Chennai across 18 centres are still running full. This distributor who bought the Chennai screening rights for a whopping Rs 6.5 crore says he has already got all his money back.

"I have almost touched Rs 6.5 crore breaking even. After 100 days whatever I make in the next four and a half years is my money," said Abirami Ramanathan, President, Chennai Exhibitor's Association.

The repeat audience for the film has surpassed expectations. But will the producers go in for another 80 crore project?

"When S S Vasan produced Chandralekha, he took a huge risk. After so many years, we took a risk like that. I don`t think he must repeat such a big project!" said M Saravanan, Managing Partner, AVM Productions.

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Sivaji 100 days poster at Chennai city

Sivaji 100 days posters are decorating Chennai city walls. The poster is simply superb. Thalaivar is amazing and looks so dashing in the poster.

Pls click the below link for the poster photograph.

And a good news for you all: AVM may come up with ad on Sunday with total 100 days centres list. Let's wait till Sunday and see.

- Sundar

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

அமெரிக்காவில் சிவாஜி 100!

Rajini with Shreya அமெரிக்க கண்ட வரலாற்றிலேயே முதல் முறையாக, ஒரு தமிழ்ப் படம் 100 நாட்கள் ஓடி சாதனை படைத்துள்ளது. அந்தப் படம் சிவாஜி என்று சொல்லித்தான் தெரிய வேண்டியதில்லை.

இந்தியாவிலேயே இதுவரை இல்லாத அளவுக்கு மிகப் பெரிய பட்ஜெட்டுடன், மிகப் பெரிய எதிர்பார்ப்புடன், வெளியான ஒரே படம் சிவாஜியாகத்தான் இருக்க முடியும்.

வெளியாகி 100 நாட்கள் ஆனதே தெரியவில்லை. அந்த அளவுக்கு படு வேகமாக சிவாஜி 100 நாட்களைத் தாண்டியுள்ளது.

40 நாடுகளில் 800க்கும் மேற்பட்ட பிரிண்டுகளுடன் வெளியான படம் சிவாஜி. அமெரிக்கா மற்றும் கனடாவில் தமிழ் சிவாஜி 44 மையங்களில் திரையிடப்பட்டது. இதுவரை இப்படி ஒரு படம் இங்கு திரையிடப்பட்டதில்லையாம். இது ஒரு சாதனை.

இங்கிலாந்தில், யுகே டாப் 10 பட வரிசையில் முதன் முதலாக ஒரு தமிழ்ப் படம் இடம் பெற்ற பெருமையை சிவாஜி நிகழ்த்தியது. இது இன்னொரு சாதனை.

இப்போது உலகெங்கிலும் சிவாஜி 100 நாட்ளைக் கடந்துள்ளது. கனடாவில் மட்டும் 6 தியேட்டர்களில் திரையிடப்பட்டது. தற்போது ஸ்கேர்பாரோவில் தொடர்ந்து ஓடிக் கொண்டிருக்கிறது. இதுதவிர மேலும் 5 தியேட்டர்களில் சிவாஜி திரையிடப்பட்டு ஓடிக் கொண்டிருக்கிறது.

டொரண்டோவில் ஒரு தமிழ்ப் படம் 100 நாட்களாக ஓடிக் கொண்டிருப்பது இதுவரை இல்லாத புதிய சாதனையாம். இது சிவாஜியின் மாபெரும் சாதனை.

சிவாஜி படத்தின் உலகளாவிய விநியோகஸ்தரான அய்ங்கரண் இன்டர்நேஷனல் நிறுவனம் கூறுகையில், இலங்கையில் 12 தியேட்டர்களில் சிவாஜி தொடரந்து அரங்கு நிறைந்த காட்சிளாக ஓடிக் கொண்டிருக்கிறதாம். சிங்கப்பூரில் 2 தியேட்டர்களில் 100 நாட்களைக் கடந்துள்ளதாம்.

ஏவி.எம் நிறுவன தலைமை செயல் அதிகாரி எஸ்.சி.பாபு கூறுகையில், தமிழகத்தில் 90 தியேட்டர்களில் சிவாஜி 100 நாட்களைத் தொட்டுள்ளது. சென்னையில் மட்டும் 10 தியேட்டர்களிலும் புறநகர்களில் 13 தியேட்டர்களிலும் 100 நாட்களைத் தொட்டுள்ளது என்றார்.

இதுதவிர பெங்களூரில் சிவாஜி 3 தியேட்டர்ளில் 100 நாள் ஓடியுள்ளது. மைசூரில் ஒரு தியேட்டரில் 100 நாட்களைத் தொட்டுள்ளது. மும்பையில் உள்ள அரோரா சினிமாஹாலில் சிவாஜி நாளையுடன் 100 நாட்களைத் தொடுகிறது.

ஏவிஎம் நிறுவன விளம்பரப் பொறுப்பாளர் அர்ஜூனன் கூறுகையில், உலகம் முழுவதும் சிவாஜி படம் 100 நாட்களைத் தொடுவது குறித்து மேலும் செய்திகளை எதிர்பார்த்துள்ளோம் என்றார்.

ரசிகர்கள் உற்சாக கொண்டாட்டம்:

அதேசமயம், தங்களது தலைவர் படத்தின் 100வது நாள் விழாவை சென்னையில் ரஜினி ரசிகர்கள் வானவேடிக்கை, பாண்டு வாத்தியம் முழங்க அசத்தலாக கொண்டாடினர்.

சென்னை ஆல்பட் தியேட்டரில் சிவாஜி ரசிகர் மன்றம் சார்பில் சிறப்பான கொண்டாட்டம் நடைபெற்றது. சிவாஜி பட ஒளிப்பதிவாளர் கே.வி.ஆனந்த், எடிட்டர் அந்தோணி ஆகியோர் சிறப்பு விருந்தினர்களாக கலந்து கொண்டு விழாவைச் சிறப்பித்தனர்.

விழாவையொட்டி ஆல்பட் தியேட்டர் வளாகமே விழாக்கோலம் பூண்டு காணப்பட்டது. இதுவரை இல்லாத உற்சாகத்தில் ரசிகர்கள் காணப்பட்டனர்.

இந்த விழாவில் ஆனந்த், அந்தோணி தவிர சிவாஜியில் நடித்த சில காமெடி நடிகர்களும் கூட வந்திருந்தனர். இது முழுக்க முழுக்க ரஜினி ரசிகர்களே ஏற்பாடு செய்திருந்த விழாவாகும் என்பது குறிப்பிடத்தக்கது.

ஞாயிற்றுக்கிழமை மாலை 5 மணியிலிருந்து ஆறரை மணிக்குள் விழா நடந்தது. விழாவுக்கு முன்பு ரஜினி படப் பாடல்களை பாண்டு வாத்தியக் குழுவினர் இசைத்து விழாவுக்கு டெம்போவைக் கூட்டினர்.

பட்டாசுகள், வான வேடிக்கைகள், ரஜினி கட் அவுட்டுக்கு ஆரத்தி, பாலாபிஷேகம் என சகல கொண்டாட்டங்களும் நடந்தேறின. திருஷ்டிப் பூசணிக்காய்களும் உடைக்கப்பட்டன. தேங்காய் உடைத்து அபிஷேகம், ஆரத்திகள் நடந்ததைப் பார்த்தபோது அது தியேட்டரா இல்லை கோவிலா என்ற சந்தேகம் பலருக்கும் வந்திருக்கும்.

ரசிகர்களுடன் அந்தப் பகுதியினரும் சேர்ந்து கொள்ள கொண்டாட்டம் களை கட்டியது. இவர்கள் தவிர அந்தப் பகுதி வழியாக போனோர், வந்தோர், பேருந்துகளில் பயணித்த பயணிளும் கூட ரஜினி ரசிகர்களின் கொண்டாட்டத்தைப் பார்த்து குதூகலித்தனர்.

விழாவில் பங்கேற்ற கே.வி. ஆனந்த், அந்தோணி, நகைச்சுவை நடிகர்கள் முத்துக்காளை, பாலாஜி மற்றும் தியேட்டர் உரிமையாளர் மாரியப்பன் ஆகியோருக்கு நினைவுப் பரிசுகள் வழங்கப்பட்டன.

இப்படத்தில் நடித்தபோது ரஜினிகாந்த் 200 சதவீத ஒத்துழைப்பை வழங்கினார். எனது வாழ்க்கையில் சிவாஜி படத்தில் பணியாற்றியதை மறக்க முடியாது. படப்பிடிப்பு முழுவதும் ரஜினி கூடவே இருந்தார். இந்த அளவுக்கு படம் வெற்றி பெற்றது நினைத்துக் கூட பார்க்க முடியாதது, வேறு எந்தப் படத்தாலும் இதை சாதிக்க முடியாது என்றார் ஆனந்த்.

விழா முடிந்ததும் ரசிகர்கள் அனைவரும் சிவாஜி படத்தைப் பார்த்து விட்டுத்தான் வீட்டுக்குச் சென்றார்கள்.

விழாவுக்கு எல்.ஐ.சி பிரிவு ரஜினி ரசிகர்கள் ஏற்பாடு செய்திருந்தனர். ரஜினி விசிறிகள் இணையதள சங்கத் தலைவர் சுந்தர், ராஜேஷ், நாராயணன், ஆர்க்டு ரஜினி விசிறிகள் குழுவின் சம்பத், பிரசன்னா, மது ஆகியோர் வரவேற்றனர்.

ஏவி.எம். நிறுவனமே ஏற்பாடு செய்திருந்தாலும் கூட ரசிகர்களின் இந்த உற்சாகத்தை அந்த விழாவுக்குக் கொண்டு வந்திருக்க முடியாது.

சிவாஜியின் 100வது நாள் தொடர்பாக மேலும் பல செய்திகளை நாமும் தரப் போகிறோம். தொடர்ந்து படியுங்கள், என்ன?

Friday, September 14, 2007

Records Galore - Thy Name is Sivaji: The Boss

In addition to the multitudes of records created by Thalaivar's
Sivaji: The BOSS, here is one more from the ultimate blockbuster of
this century.

Thalaivar's greatest hit till date - Sivaji - is still running for 3
shows daily in Bangalore's PVR Multiplex, considered as India's
premier multiplex amongst all its peers. About 4 weeks back,
Sivaji's screening was reduced to 2 shows (from earlier 4 & then 3
shows daily) in PVR & the following week to 1 show daily but last
week, it was increased to 2 shows (1 show in Classic screens & 1
more show in Europa screens) & this week (from 14th Sep.'07) to 3
shows (2 shows in Classic & 1 Show in Europa).

Apart from PVR, BOSS is still running daily 4 shows in Nataraj
theatre in Banglore. In both these theatres, Sivaji has been
running since its release date and is expected to complete 100 days.

I think this is a record for PVR Cinemas. As far as I can remember
since PVR opened in Bangalore in Aug.'04, I haven't noticed any
movie running for 100 days continuosly on its first release.

Sivaji must be the first movie to create a record run of 100 days in
PVR, which is India's premier multiplex chain. PVR's ticket rates
are one of the highest amongst the multiplexes in India & a Tamil
movie running for the maximum days in such a multiplex & that too
outside TN, must be a first of its kind both in terms of maximum run
days as well as highest BO collections.

Sivaji is sure breaking record after record. If there is no
previous record in a particular city or town or segment, Sivaji
creates a new record to set benchmark for the industry.

With Luv,


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Sivaji 100th day celebration by fans under progress!

100DaysCelebration.jpg picture by rajinifans

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tamil Nadu film fans vote for Kollywood

Everyone has heard of Bollywood, but Kollywood? The Tamil film industry is little-known outside India, where enthusiasts would never confuse it with its Hindi-language cousin based in Bombay.
Indeed, Kollywood â€" derived from Kodambakkum, the area of Madras associated with film production â€" is bigger than Bollywood, a term often erroneously used to describe the entire Indian film industry.
Sivaji: The Boss, a Tamil action flick, is reputed to be the most expensive Indian film ever made, with a budget of about $20 million, including an unprecedented $4 million fee for Rajinikanth, its star. Its release this year caused chaotic scenes in cinemas and set box office records at home and abroad.
The industry, which accounts for around 1 per cent of Tamil Nadu’s GDP, is powerful and has been bound with politics since the 1930s. Indeed, its influence on state politics â€" and vice versa â€" runs so deep many leaders have appeared on the big screen or worked behind the scenes. Muthuvel Karunanidhi, the chief minister, was a scriptwriter; Jayaram Jayalalitha, his predecessor (and successor), was a popular actress.
Yet it was M. G. Ramachandran, the superstar known as MGR, whose decade in power cemented the relationship between films and the popular vote to the point where it is now almost impossible to attain office without experience in the industry.
Despite a reign overshadowed by chronic corruption, police brutality and disastrous economic policies, MGR was a deity to the masses. Upon his death in 1987, two million people attended his funeral and 31 grief-ridden fans committed ritual suicide.

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Rajnikanth Rocks - Business Standard

FILMS: Having tasted success, Sivaji's producers are planning its Japanese and Malay versions
Having struck gold at the box office in India and abroad with Rajnikanth starrer Sivaji: The Boss, AVM Productions is trying to work out another foreign release in Malay and Chinese as dubbed versions. But, playing it safe, S C Babu, CEO, AVM Productions insists that it is too early to make an announcement as the talks with foreign counterparts are still in early stages.
The movie is likely to be screened at the Tokyo International Film Festival in the first week of October and discussions are on to release the movie in Japan with Japanese subtitles.
Rajnikanth has a strong fan base in Japan and the local demand is backed by local fan following and not just Indians living in Japan. According to Babu, the universal appeal of the music scored by A R Rahman along with the strong visual attraction (all those stunning sets created by Thota Tharrani) are strong drivers for the demand for this movie in foreign countries.
The background score for the movie was recorded in Prague, Czech Republic, using local musicians by an American music conductor.
Shivaji has already been released in Malaysia in its original form (Tamil) and it has created history by beating the highest Malay grosser in the country.
Back home, the movie will complete its 100 days on September 23. �The estimates of box office collections so far would be available only by the end of the month, � says Babu. Rough estimates reported in the media so far range between Rs 200-450 crore, a number that the production house insists is inaccurate.
The dubbed Hindi version of the movie is also under production. �Though there have been rumours about a Diwali release, we feel the festival would not be the right time for the release of the Hindi version. The reason being that the deadline is too short and also, we would look at a less competitive timing for the release. After all, the original Tamil version has already been released and tasted great success in the so-called northern markets,� says Babu.
Sivaji has been a great success in markets like Julandhar, Lucknow and Jaipur apart from metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi.
For the Hindi dubbed version, certain parts of the movie will need to be reshot to make it relevant to the Hindi audience. Mumbai writer and lyricist Swanand Kirkire, who wrote the dialogues for movies like Eklavya and Chameli, is writing the Hindi version of Sivaji).
The television rights for the movie were recently bought by Kalaignar TV � the yet to be launched DMK party backed TV Channel � for an undisclosed price. While Babu refused to discuss the subject, industry sources said that the TV rights have been sold for Rs 3-4 crore. Under the contract, the buyers reportedly cannot broadcast movie for three years.
Despite tight controls over the prints, Sivaji has already become a victim among movie pirates.
�As long as the film is in the analog version, there is very little we can do to control piracy. With 800 prints in circulation, curbing piracy is a logistic nightmare,� says Babu.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Rajnikant: reigning boss of Indian celluloid

Return of the Boss
Superstar Rajnikant returns with mega- movie, Sivaji-The Boss. The hype and hysteria surrounding the release of Sivaji: the Boss in India and overseas needs to be seen to be believed but there is no doubt about who is the country's biggest superstar.
Shivaji Rao Gaekwad, or Rajnikant to the most people, who was never seen as a hero by the Mumbai based Hindi filmdom or Bollywood, is today the undisputed king of Indian cinema.
He took home a wad of Rs.160 million for Sivaji which is the most expensive Indian film ever. Even A-list Bollywood stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan charge about Rs 90 million each per film.
Before 57-year-old Rajnikant's latest venture Sivaji hit the marquees this week, it was a common sight to see fans performing ablution by milk on his cut-outs, breaking coconuts in front of the film's posters to ward off evil forces, offering prayers and standing in never-ending serpentine queues to get a ticket.
Fans could be seen gathered outside single-screen theatres as well as multiplex theatres prior to the film's screening and chanted slogans. In Mumbai, fans were seen with hair dyed blond (like Rajni in the film), bursting crackers, distributing sweets and flowers.
In cinema halls in Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai, front benchers and the so-called suave balcony crowd alike were seen hooting, whistling, clapping, slogan chanting, dancing and throwing confetti every time their hero made an appearance, broke into a dance, delivered a punch line or hit the villain on the silver screen.
The Rajni mania is not just griping India but according to reports desi fans wrecked at least 10 cinemas across Malaysia after a nationwide premiere of Sivaji: The Boss was either delayed or cancelled due to technical glitches. Rajni's histrionics in Sivaji with the coin, sunglasses and even his bald pate, have been hailed like there was no tomorrow. And the Rajni mania is not just griping India but according to reports desi fans wrecked at least 10 cinemas across Malaysia after a nationwide premiere of Sivaji: The Boss was either delayed or cancelled due to technical glitches.
The Rajni mania is at its zenith in the US and Japan as well. Reports from the US said there is unprecedented rush for tickets of Sivaji being screened in major cities.
No other Tamil film - be it Chandramukhi, Anniyan, Ghajini, Vettayadu Vilayadu - has attracted the kind of craze that has preceded the Sivaji release in the US. A similar story is taking place in Japan where Rajnikant is immensely popular, according to reports.
Supernova, superstar, 'Style Mannan'...the Periya Thaliavar of Tamil filmdom has many adjectives attached to his name. Now that his latest movie is said to have grossed nearly Rs.20 million in advance bookings from 17 theatres in Chennai itself, it wouldn't be wrong to anoint him as the biggest star of India.
The only time Bollywood cast Rajnikant in an important role was in Anil Sharma's Farishtey, J Om Prakash's Bhagwan Dada and Wafadar, which were forgotten soon after. But except for his crisp Tamil accent, a Romeo-style red scarf, a cowboyish swagger, there was little to write home about his Bollywood career.
Rajnikant's first notable performance was in Moondru Mudichu in which he played a character with negative shades and charmed one and all with his famous cigarette flip. String of blockbusters likes Pokkiri Raja, Thanikkattu Raja, Naan Mahaan Alla, Moondru Mugham and Nettrikkam followed, making him a phenomenon.
Rajnikant has portrayed people from various walks of life and his films always carry a social message. Sivaji is the superstar's 100th Tamil film. It is his ninth movie under the banner of AVM Productions.

With every movie he does, he just seems to get bigger and better. Clearly, for him the world is not enough.

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Century beckons Sivaji

Sivaji, which rewrote the box-office history of Tamil cinema, will complete its 100-day run in the coming weeks.
One of the big-budgeted movies, Sivaji was Rajnikanth's 100th direct film in Tamil. Produced by AVM and directed by Shankar, the movie witnessed a bumper opening in over 850 screens, where it was released.
With a team of talented technicians around, Sivaji was an engrossing entertainer which featured Rajnikanth in a captivating role.
A R Rehman's music, K V Anand's cinematography and Thotatharani's art work did wonders for the movie. The movie which is now all ready to be dubbed in Hindi, has won rave reviews even in abroad. It even managed to find a place in the Top Ten movies in UK box-office.
Still running to packed house in several theatres, Sivaji is expected to gross more revenue in the coming days.

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Friday, September 07, 2007

The Big No :Rajnikant

Rajnikant (TOI Photo)
Rajni had to imitate three Bollywood stars to woo his girlfriend, Shreya Sharan.

Versatile and energetic, the Southern rage Rajnikanth has won kudos for his phenomenal performance in Sivaji. For the Hindi version of his film the film-makers decided to re-shoot one important song where Rajni had to imitate three Bollywood stars to woo his girlfriend, Shreya Sharan.

However, when the director Shankar explained the concept to him, Rajni had a problem. His condition was that he would do the song, but without imitating his friend and Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan (with whom Rajni has earlier worked in films like Andha Kanoon).

According to our source, Rajni was kicked by the idea of doing a song for the Hindi version especially since it would mean a lot for his fans back here in Bollywood. He also loved the concept considering that the song in Tamil, where he imitated Kamal Hassan, MGR and Sivaji Ganeshan, was a huge hit. The film-makers wanted Rajni to imitate Dev Anand, Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan. However, Rajni refused to spoof Bachchan, saying that he would not like to imitate someone as great as the superstar. It is a well-known fact that both Bachchan and Rajni run a mutual admiration society.

Adds the source, So, Shankar had no option but to replace Amitabh Bachchan with Shammi Kapoor. Now Rajni’s song will have him trying to woo Shreya by mimicking Dev saab, SRK and Shammi Kapoor.
The music of the film is by A R Rahman, and it will be released by the end of this year.

Kunal M Shah

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Box office flash 32: Sivaji's Thundering run & some facts behind it!


Movies released after Sivaji couldn't even able to make the parking and canteen collections of Sivaji. (This was a joke once Sivaji released. But it has turned true now. One of my friend who is working in a theatre told me this)

Fact 1 : All the movie-going population has seen Sivaji in its first 20 days itself - thereby creating record.

Fact2: Most of the family audiences has seen Sivaji in the next 20 days with their kith and kin.

Those who rarely come to theatre and also senior citizens who are above 75 - who never come outside of their home has seen Sivaji in the next 20 days. (One of my friend reported me that in Bangalore PVR cinemas he saw many senior citizens in wheel chairs who came to watch Sivaji)

Fact 4:
Meantime, all of the college students with their friends also have seen Sivaji in the first three weeks.

Fact 5: Frankly speaking there is no one to watch Sivaji now - bcos all have seen the movie already. Now the movie is purely running on repeat audience. If AVM does something innovatively in ads and promos - these repeat audience would increase to a large extent.

If somebody / or a recognised agency / government body takes a survey to find out the following - the results would be stunning.

1) How many people have watched Sivaji so far in Tamil Nadu alone and in Chennai ?

2) How many people have seen Sivaji more than one time?

3) The average percentage of repeat audience in theatres per show all over TN after

4) Number of times you go to watch a movie in theatre per year

5) Last time you took your family to watch a movie in theatre?

6) Last time you bought an audio cd / cassette?

13 crores in Chennai alone

And look at this article from Thatstamil. It says in Chennai alone the collection has doubled its cost - (Cost Rs.6.5 crores - collections so far - 13 crores) This amount is official amount. Think abt the other.....

Got double the investment

And it also says that the distributors and exhibitors have realized almost double the amount they invested in the film.

Shankar gets real boost

The article also says that it is a real boost for Shankar after floppy 'Boys' and average 'Anniyan.'

Tamil article link: 

English article link: 

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MADURAI - Will Sivaji see 100 Days run in all theatres?

Dear Friends,

As reported earlier, In Madurai City, Sivaji got released in 6
theatres and still running in all theatres (Regular shows). I was
expecting to see 100 Days celebration in all these 6 theatres.

But, Some days back I heard that SIVAJ film will be replaced with
Marudhamali in a theatre called VETRI (Earlier MADHU). This is one
of very good theatre among SIVAJI released in Madurai. After this
theatre got renovated some one year back, All OSCAR Produced /
distributed Films released in this theatre only. Since Maruthamalai
is OSCAR's film, i too feel more chance for SIVAJ get removed from
this theatre. To have more confirmation, on Last friday Night (31st
Aug 2007) i went to this theatre to see SIVAJI again and enquired
theatre staff who all said that Marudhamalai is going to be
released. During interval they showed Trailer also, and in Still
were dispalyed inside the theatre as "COMING SOON".


Yesterday, the whole city decorated with 85 Days Poster of SIVAJI as
running in all 6 theatres. So, I started gettting confusion, as in
case maruthamlai coming tomorrow (85th Day of SIVAJI), Why they
added VETRI Theatre Name in the 85th Day Poster.

To my surprise, till today MARUTHAMALI posters not pasted in the
city. In today's advertisment in News Papers for MARUTHAMALAI, they
have showed only two theatre name (Both are complex where sivaji
still running) and for other one theatre just put question mark (?)..

As MARUTHAMALAI releasing tomorrow, I (We) come whether releasing in
VETRI theatre or not.


I will inform you tomorrow morning whether my WISHES ruled out or

Thanks and Regards

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sivaji: Heading for first century - Galatta

Sivaji: Heading for first century Sivaji, the film that has broken all box-office records in the Tamil film industry, is confidently striding towards the 100-day mark. It is still drawing huge audiences, so if you plan to see it during the weekend, you are advised to get your advance booking first.
Released simultaneously in Tamil and Telugu in over 800 theatres worldwide, it is reported to be the costliest Indian film made till date and the producers are laughing their way to the bank. It is now being dubbed in Hindi, with some additional scenes being shot and added to the film to give it that Hindi 'bhel puri' flavour.
It had dream runs in Malaysia, Singapore, US, the Gulf and wherever it is screened. There are plans to dub it in Chinese and Japanese too. Though the film had its share of delays and controversies, they are but bad memories now.
Jaya Rajadevan, an assistant director in Sivaji, approached a civil court to stop its screening on charges of plagiarism, saying he wrote the story and discussed it with Shankar's manager in 2005. However, the screening of the movie was not stopped.
M. Satyamoorthy sought a ban on its screening (and an astronomical amount in damages) in another court claiming it defamed the Congress party and its dignitaries because the villain had their photos with himself, hinting and implying that they are also villains by association.
However, this complaint was also rejected. Incidentally, the judge's comments are quotable. He said that when everybody has already seen the film, no useful purpose can be served by banning it.
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Enter the theatre and come in and sit down and see Sivaji and don't be standing outside looking inside at people sitting inside seeing Sivaji!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rajini unlikely to do the dubbing for Hindi vesrion!

With Tamil cinema super star Rajnikanth's latest blockbuster Sivaji - The Boss still running to packed houses in some pockets outside south India, the producers of the film have decided to dub it in Hindi and are planning a post-Diwali release.

"Sivaji - The Boss will be dubbed in Hindi as the response for the film in Delhi, Mumbai and other major cities outside South India has been overwhelming," said S C Babu, CEO of AVM Productions.

"Some portions of the film will be re-shot to cater to the Hindi-speaking audience, and Rajnikanth will dedicate three to four days for the shooting," Babu told PTI from Chennai.

Asked whether Rajnikanth will dub his voice in Hindi, Babu said:  "Indications are that he is unlikely to do the dubbing."

Swanand Kirkire is penning the dialogues for the dubbed version, and is likely to finish his work by October.

"We are planning a post-Diwali release. We don't want to release a dubbed version during the festive season," he said.

(Reporting by E T B Sivapriyan)

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Sivaji 75th day poster : "Poo Vizhundha Poo padhai. Thalai ..."


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Friday, August 17, 2007

Special treat for Chennai orphans

Sam Daniel

Friday, August 17, 2007: (Chennai):

Rajinikant's blockbuster Sivaji is running to packed houses even after 50 days.

The film has now caught the attention of NGOs who are making bulk bookings to treat orphans and less fortunate children.

For many it was their first ever visit to a theatre and a pleasant surprise was in store for them. Ushering the children inside the theatre was Vivek, the superstar's companion in the movie.

"The big master is inside. I am only the bachelor of social service," said Vivek.

In another part of the city, a well-known multiplex went a step further after the show. It opened its kids' zone for a group of under privileged children and gave them an experience of a lifetime.

"We thought we'll give an equal opportunity to the children who are in need," said Fayaz, Director, ETA Star Properties.

While the story of Sivaji centres around free education for all, the superstar can take comfort in the fact that his film is moving people to think beyond self.

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Sivaji scores a Tamil first by leaping into SA boxoffice top 10 - Sunday Times

THE Sivaji success story moved to South Africa last weekend when the
film opened in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town. While the response
in Cape Town was disappointing, the Johannesburg and Durban venues
ensured that it became the first Tamil film to feature in the South
African box-office top 10. More impressive was that the cost-per-print
for Sivaji placed it firmly at number one for the opening weekend.

A notable feature, particularly in Durban, is that the film is being
seen by people from different linguistic groups and even differ- ent
racial backgrounds. This is understandable since the story is relevant
to what is happening in this country and contains a lesson for all
South Africans. Rajnikanth's next film will be announced only after he
re- turns from a vacation in the US .

Pls start reading it from 11th paragraph in the below link.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sivaji in Top 10 for South Africa Box Office

South Africa Box Office
August 3â€"5, 2007

< Prev Return to Index Next >
TW LW Movie Studio Weekend Gross Change Screens Change / Avg. Gross-to-Date Week
1 1 The Simpsons Movie Fox $191,371 -40.5% 72 +1 $2,658 $597,918 2
2 N License to Wed WB $164,359 - 51 - $3,223 $164,359 1
3 2 Transformers UIP $124,645 -43.1% 84 -18 $1,484 $991,873 3
4 3 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix WB $93,698 -41.1% 83 -4 $1,129 $1,710,438 4
5 5 Live Free or Die Hard Fox $68,269 -28.8% 75 -2 $910 $1,213,644 5
6 4 Shrek the Third UIP $55,952 -45.0% 72 -10 $777 $3,061,109 6
7 N Mr. Brooks Nu Metro $48,882 - 30 - $1,629 $48,882 1
8 N Vacancy Sony $36,486 - 30 - $1,216 $36,486 1
9 6 Ocean's Thirteen WB $17,549 -50.1% 32 -20 $548 $1,448,649 8
10 - Sivaji Ster Kinekor $13,978 - 4 - $3,495 $50,636 2
11 7 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Fox $13,976 -58.6% 30 -23 $466 $1,501,811 7
12 N Curse of the Golden Flower (Man cheng jin dai huang jin jia) UIP $12,895 - 10 - $1,290 $12,895 1
13 8 Stomp the Yard Sony $9,499 -40.0% 14 -4 $679 $406,267 8
14 10 El Laberinto del Fauno (Pan's Labyrinth) UIP $8,332 -27.6% 11 - $757 $107,526 5
15 9 Premonition Nu Metro $6,737 -48.7% 16 -8 $421 $401,884 7
- 11 Catch and Release Sony $6,504 -40.8% 5 - $1,301 $22,599 2
- 16 Hostel Part II Sony $3,938 +28.3% 6 - $656 $41,283 4
- 15 All the King's Men Sony $2,698 -31.0% 4 - $675 $43,271 6
- 14 Reign Over Me Sony $1,809 -62.9% 4 -1 $452 $27,945 4
- 17 Perfect Stranger Sony $1,581 -33.2% 2 -2 $791 $641,757 1

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Sivaji gave highest income for black ticket sellers in North India

If you thought the mushrooming of multiplexes and their home delivery, tele-booking and e-ticketing facilities have brought about the death of black marketers, it’s time you checked out your neighbourhood theatre.

They’re mostly invisible through the week, but come Friday, they step out to cash in on the rush of a new release. When there’s a film like Sivaji The Boss, they’re out in hordes. “We’ve earned five times more than usual thanks to Rajnikant,” says 24-year-old Abhishek Singh, one of the gang. “Since he’s like God, the first day darshan is a must for many. They don’t mind paying even Rs. 2,000 per ticket.” This black marketer from Uttar Pradesh arrived in the city four years black looking for a job; he’s yet to find a real one but his weekend trade sustains him for the rest of the week.

For Sunil Deshpande, selling tickets in black is the main source of livelihood. “I used to earn Rs. 500 a month before I discovered black marketing. This doubled my income in the first month itself,” the 54-years-old says. A regular sight at a Bandra theatre, Deshpande keeps himself busy doing odd jobs throughout the week. But his weekends are devoted to the cinema.

Black marketing may ensure an easy buck, but it’s definitely not a cakewalk. One of the professional hazards is a police crackdown. Then there is an inconsistent income; a windfall like Sivaji doesn’t happen always unless it’s an Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Salman Khan or Aamir Khan Film. Rani Mukherji, Aishwairya Rai Bachchan and Preity Zinta also ensure a decent income.

But these hurdles have not stopped many black marketers from passing on their trade tricks to the next generation. The city is also witnessing a surreptitious increase in women black marketers, who were a rarity a few years ago.

Deshpande, who by now knows the trade secrets, discloses, “Some of theatre’s booking counters display the ‘House Full’ sign to give the impression that the film is doing well and entice viewers even though tickets are available. After that we take over, selling tickets at triple the original price.”

On lean days, the black price dips drastically as soon as the movie screening starts. “There were times when we have ended up watching the movie as we could not get customers,” Deshpande adds.

For the last two years, 20-year-old Amit Shah has been juggling his time between attending college and selling tickets takes care of academic expenses. But these days, he’s considering other ways of making money. “Most films do not run houseful even on the first day as multiplexes release them in more than one screen,” he says.

Thus, the gang has moved to small theatres. “Black-ticket sellers are spotted mostly around theatres where tickets cost Rs 30-50. These days, thanks to home delivery and tele-booking, moviegoers confirm seats much before they reach the venue,” says, Devang Sampat, Cinemax.

But as the gang says, “So long as there’s a movie.”

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Sivaji in Hindi for Deevali

This article says, AVM has decided to release the movie for Deevali.
Shankar expects this movie should be a perfect hindi movie and
audience should not feel like watching a dubbed movie.

AVM feels 3 hours is bit lengthy and they also like to have a 30 min
hair cut. They expect 20 crores business for the movie.

mhmmmm...I see Mr.AVM Saravanan laughing all the way to the bank.

Highlight is instead of MGR, SIVAJI and Kamal AVM like to re-shoot
with bollywood stars. SO talivar might act couple of days for the
dubbing film.


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Surprising scene at 60th day show in AVM Rajeswari!!


I got  a chance to watch the Boss again yesterday (13/8/07)  at AVM Rajeswari theatre in Vadapalani with my friends.

Monday Evening - HOUSEFUL

I was there exactly at 5.50 pm - 40 minutes before the movie time (6.30 pm) Even at that time there was crowd waiting outside the theatre and tickets were being issued and believe me, exactly by 6.30 the movie was HOUSEFUL.

Pls check the photograph of the theatre i took by that time: 

The hall was packed with full of family audiences and kids. And the theatre staff were busy arranging the seats for latecomers with the help of torchlight.

10%  of the audience were repeat audience like us. We are shouting and screaming as usual while watching the movie in many places (without disturbing the public) And we made the entire row of ours electrifying.


The comedy scenes and mottai  boss scenes were enjoyed by the audience well.

A surprising thing is : Nobody went out for songs during the whole movie and everybody including the repeat audience remained nailed to the seats.  This is a miracle.

Each and everytime...

Each and everytime I watch the movie, i feel as if i am watching first time. And the entire 3 + hours flew like minutes.....

3 + hrs, i shed again my worries and problems and forgot everything and i am out of world.

Thanks to our Boss.

Bonus - 60 th day poster

Pls have a look at 60th day poster in the following link:

- Sundar

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Chief Justice’s remarks on Sivaji

A public interest litigation filed in the High Court of Madras to ban the movie Sivaji was taken up for hearing by Chief Justice A.P. Shah. Reportedly, the CJ had commented that the world has seen the movie so what is the point in banning it now?
Readers may be aware that M. Sathyamurthy, a congress worker based in Chennai, filed a petition in the High Court aggrieved by some scenes in Sivaji wherein a one-foot high photograph with the villain Suman flanked by Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is shown. He had also sought an order to restrain the movie from being aired on TV and ban the sale of VCDs and DVDs of the same. The petitioner also claimed huge damages to the tune of Rs. 50 crores.
According to the senior counsel, P.S. Raman, representing Rajinikanth, the AVM Productions and director Shankar, the scene passes off in a jiffy and there was no malicious intention on his client's part to defame Congress party. He, further requested, the Judges to dismiss the case.
Opining that everyone has already seen the movie including him, the Chief Justice said that the matter would be taken up for enquiry by a bench comprising Justices Mukhopadyay and K. Suguna.
Source :

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