Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Now sify says that Sivaji is Blockbuster!!!

This week too Sivaji is the number one in Sify box office. And u know the sify has now ranked the movie as Block Buster. Finally today We saw it. Thanks to sify.

And you know till last week sify ranked Sivaji in Superhit category only. Now The Boss emerged as Blockbuster.

This week box office: Blockbuster


Last  week box office: Superhit


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Sivaji at No 1 : Behindwoods.com

Do we have to say more? The movie has been on top of the charts ever since it hit the screens.

Trade Talk:
The trade pundits are totally taken aback by the response this movie is getting. Even on its 7th weekend most of the theatres are full. The very idea of releasing the movie in record number of theatres which was loathed upon is now being called as a master stroke. As everyone from the distributors to the theatre owners are frequently visiting the Bank, full of smiles.

Public Talk:
Shankar has given what the fans wanted, entertainment. Rajini charisma and style has been utilized to the most and topping this will be an uphill task. Family audience who are flocking the theatres are a little unhappy about the excess glamour quotient.

N.O. Weeks Completed: 6.
N.O. Shows in Chennai over the last week: 324.
N.O. Shows in Chennai over this weekend: 225.
Average Theatre Occupancy over the last week: 65 %.
Average Theatre Occupancy over this weekend: 78 %.
Collection over the last week in Chennai: Rs.1.00 crores.
Collection over this weekend in Chennai: Rs.0.45 Crores
Total collections in Chennai by end of the sixth weekend: Rs.9.00 crores

Verdict: Blockbuster (History rewritten)

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Box office Flash 23: Sivaji rocking Pink City - The Screen!!

Sivaji got released in Pink City - Jaipur two weeks back and asusual it rocks the city. Please find herewith THE SCREEN's news on the same. URL is given at the end. Since the link contains other news pieces too, i herewith give the complete text of the news.

Also one of our member has sent a mail from Jaipur with pics and news. Pls find that in my other message. Pls read and cherish these types of news and let the news dissolve in each of your gene and cell. It will again two years for us to hear such news.

Important lines from the news: //
However, the speciality of the first day shows was that majority of viewers were non-Tamilians//



Sivaji - The Boss comes to the Pink City

Tamil film industry's superstar Rajnikanth's film Sivaji - The Boss was released at Inox-Space multiplex in Jaipur on July 6, to the delight of over 300 Tamil families residing in Jaipur, besides many Tamilian labourers who work at construction sites here and many Malayalee families who understand Tamil too. However, the speciality of the first day shows was that majority of viewers were non-Tamilians.

The Sivaji fever has gripped the cinegoers here too. The kind of hype never witnessed before for a South production, the visual richness of a big-budget film and the social issue raised by director Shankar, viz. generation of black money through handsome donations for admission to professional colleges, which is an all-India phenomenon now, and above all, the Rajni style, choreography on AR Rahman's songs and fight sequences picturised in a music instruments store and an open cinema hall, are attracting huge crowds at the Space multiplex.

It is to be noted that when every Hollywood movie is dubbed in Hindi, so that all people can understand the movie, the superhit Tamil film Sivaji - The Boss too-should have been dubbed in Hindi, as Rajnikanth has a pan-India appeal.

Following is the fact file of the film : 1.800 prints of the film were screened on as many as 900 screens ; The film cost Rs. 80 crores, as compared to Shah Rukh Khan's Devdas, which cost Rs. 52 crores only ; Rajnikanth's fee for the film amounted to Rs. 16 crores ; The film was sold for Rs. 95 crores ; An amount of Rs. 2.5 crores is already spent on the film's marketing; about Rs. 1.5 crores more is planned for marketing expenses ; The film is expected to collect Rs.250 crores .


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Friday, July 27, 2007

ஜப்பானில் 'ஆம்பல்..ஆம்பல்'

சிவாஜி படத்தை இந்தி, சைனீஸ், ஜப்பானிய மொழிகளில் டப்பிங் செய்யும் வேலைகள் தொடங்கியுள்ளன.

ரஜினிக்கு ஜப்பானில் ஏராளமான விசிறிகள் இருப்பது தெரியும். இதனால் சிவாஜி ஜப்பானுக்குப் போவதில் ஆச்சரியமில்லை. ஆனால், இந்தப் படத்தை சீனாவிலும் வெளியிடப் போகிறார்களாம். இதனால் சீன மொழியிலும் படம் டப் ஆகிக் கொண்டிருக்கிறது.

படத்தை வெளியிட்ட வினியோகஸ்தர்களும் தியேட்டர்களும் சிவாஜியால் 15 நாட்களிலேயே லாபத்தை பார்த்துவிட்டன. சென்னை நகரில் படத்தை வாங்கி வெளியிட்ட அபிராமி ராமனாதனுக்கு மட்டும் ரூ. 2 கோடி லாபம் தந்துள்ளதாம் சிவாஜி.

இப்போது டப்பிங் மூலம் ஒரு ரவுண்டு பணம் பார்க்க தயாராகி வருகிறது ஏவி.எம். இந்தி, ஜப்பான், சீன மொழிகளுக்கு ஏற்ற மாதிரி இசையிலும் மாற்றம் செய்து தரப் போகிறாராம் ஏ.ஆர்.ரஹ்மான். பாடல்களே அந்தந்த ெமாழியில் அமையப் போகின்றனவாம்.

(ஆம்பல் ஆம்பல்..வெளவல் வெளவல்.. இதை சீனாவில் எப்படி பாடுவார்களோ தெரியலையே...)

இந்திக்கு ரஜினியே டப்பிங் தரப் போகிறாராம். ஜப்பான், சீனாவுக்கு ரஜினி வாய்சுக்கு ஆட்களை பிடித்துவிட்டார்களாம்.

இதற்கிடையே ரஜினியின் அடுத்த படம் குறித்த எதிர்பார்ப்பு கிளம்பிவிட்டது. பஞ்சு அருணாசலத்துக்கோ அல்லது தனது குரு பாலசந்தருக்கோ அவர் அடுத்த படத்தை செய்து கொடுப்பார் என்கிறார்கள்.

அதே போல தெலுங்கு, இந்தி திரையுலக தயாரிப்பு ஜாம்பவான்களும் ரஜினியை வைத்து படம் எடுக்க ஆர்வம் தெரிவித்து அவரை நச்சரிக்க ஆரம்பித்துள்ளார்களாம்.

மேலும் முன்னாள் நடிகரும் தயாரிப்பாளருமான கே.பாலாஜியுடன் கைகோர்த்துள்ள ரிலையன்சின் ஆட்லேப்சும் ரஜினியை வளைக்க பாலாஜி மூலம் முயல்கிறதாம். பாலாஜிரஜினி நட்பு ஊரறிந்தது.

சந்திரமுகி மூலம் சிவாஜி பிலிம்சுக்கும், சிவாஜி மூலம் ஏவி.எம்முக்கு கை கொடுத்து உதவியதைப் போல தங்களுக்கும் ரஜினி கால்ஷீட் தருவார் என ஆர்.எம்.வீரப்பனின் சத்யா மூவிசும் (பாட்சா மூலம் பெரும் பரபரப்பை ஏற்படுத்திய பேனர் இது), மறைந்த நாகி ரெட்டியின் விஜயா புரடக்ஷன்ஸ் நிறுவனமும் எதிர்பார்ப்பில் உள்ளார்களாம்.

இப்போதைக்கு இவ்வளவு பெயர்கள் அடிபட்டாலும் பஞ்சுவுக்கே அதிக வாய்ப்பு இருப்பதாகத் தெரிகிறது. ரஜினியை வில்லனில் இருந்து ஹீரோவாக்கியவர் பஞ்சு அருணாச்சலம். (இளையராஜாவை மியுசிக் டைரக்டர் ஆக்கியவரும் அவரே). இப்போது பஞ்சுவின் நிதி நிலை சொல்லிக் கொள்ளும்படி இல்லையம். அவரது படங்கள் தொடர்ந்து தோல்வியை தழுவின. அதிலும் கடைசியாக வந்த மாயக்கண்ணாடி பஞ்சுவை நொடித்துவிட்டது. இதனால் அவருக்கு கைகொடுப்பார் ரஜினி என்கிறார்கள் கோலிவுட் குருவிகள்.

சமீபத்தில் அமெரிக்கா பறக்கும் முன் அருணாசலத்தை அவரது இல்லத்தில் போய் சந்தித்தார் ரஜினி. அப்போது அவரிடம் மனம் விட்டு பேசியிருக்கிறார் ரஜினி. பஞ்சு அருணாசலத்தின் பிரச்சனைகளை முழுமையாக கேட்டறிந்தாராம்.

இதனால் ரஜினி அவருக்கு நிச்சயம் கை கொடுப்பார் என்கிறார்கள்

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sivaji, a hit in Singapore - Deccan Reports

Sivaji-The Boss, the latest Rajnikanth film has created thunder waves across the world, including the international tourist city of Singapore.  Released across five theaters in Singapore screening four shows each, Golden Village, Echun Cinema 9, Echun Cinema 10, Plaza, as expected by everyone, hundreds of Tamilians in Singapore flocked the theatres to watch their favourite hero act after a gap of an year.
Says Manickam, a grade 8 student in the Anderson Secondary School, Singapore, "Rajni is my favourite hero, I saw the trailers for the film on the Internet and on our local television channel, from then I started to pester my father asking him to take me to the movie for the first show."  Balu from the district of Karaikudi in the Southern part of Tamil Nadu, who has come to Singapore to work in Banana Leaf Apollo, the famous Tamil Nadu restaurant in Little India, said, "I am an ardent fan of Rajni, I came here to work a couple of years ago, before that I use to watch Rajni movies in our local theatre, but I was bit worried when I came to Singapore because it will be difficult to watch Tamil movies here, as only few theatres will screen the movie. But fortunately I watched the movie in Golden Village on day one."
Senthil from Chennai, who works in the same restaurant said that the film would give Rajni a break in his career, as he has diverted from his usual style of love and fight. "In this movie he has taken a good theme of projecting how education is being commercialised, I know it well as we had spent numerous lakhs to study in our schools and colleges," he added.
Wherever you meet a Tamilian the first question they ask is "Did you watch Sivaji-The Boss, how's the movie."
Even Singaporeans are fascinated at seeing the movie. Says Sherian "Yeah, I've heard about Sivaji, my Indian friends have told me about the film. When I was working in India I have seen Rajni films. I like his style. That cigarette jumping from his hand to lip is very nice to watch. I just enjoy watching it."  Theatres in Singapore sell Sivaji t-shirts for 10 Singapore dollars.  A person who books five tickets for the film at one shot gets Sivaji t-shirts for free. Such is the Sivaji fervour in Singapore.

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Sivaji mania still continues in Sri Lanka


I have posted my earlier mail on 25th June after watching Sivaji in
Cinecity Colombo. The movie was running in 4 theaters in the same
complex with full packed house. I have watched again July 1st and July
8th. The ticket rate was still 400 srilankan rupees. After the release
of Kreedom the number of theaters reduced to 2, looking at the crowd
response for Kreedom, now they again increased Sivaji to 3 theaters and
Kreedom to 1. Last sunday July 22nd I went to watch it again for the
4th time and the ticket price is now reduced. Ticket price is 280
srilankan rupees, and still it is running full packed house in 3
theaters. On 37th day it is running in 3 theaters with full. I have to
wait on queue for an hour to grab the ticket. What I found is when the
days are passing, the family audience are increasing, they were waiting
for the crowd to minimize and now they are pouring. I think after 50
days they might reduce the number of theaters (if they get movies to
release) and Sivaji will be rocking for more than 100 days.


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Monday, July 23, 2007

Manish Malhotra: Ramp to Rajinikanth

Jhoomur Bose:What about styling for Sivaji, the movie was very different from styling for Bollywood or the ramp…?
Manish Malhotra: I have styled for Shankar's movies earlier too (Hindustani, Rani in Nayak), so this time when he called for Rajini sir, I was excited. I have worked with every other Bollywood biggie, Shankar and Rajinikanth are two of the biggest names down south and I could not pass up this opportunity. Working in that industry is a completely different experience… everyone is down to earth and humble. We had discussed all the looks â€" from the software engineer to the casual guy to the Don â€" and Rajini sir tried out every single outfit. It was a really nice experience.

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ulagamengum 800 theatregalil adhirum Sivaji - AVM's 40th day poster!

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Sivaji to help southern films cross borders

Sivaji to help southern films cross borders
Super grosser a shot in the arm for the Rs 3,000cr regional film industry

NOW THAT Tamil Cinema has given Indian cinema its biggest blockbuster of all times, Southern cinema has an easy recall even in non-traditional markets. Rajnikant and Sivaji have done much more than just sell tickets across the globe. And according to a just released Ernst & Young report on South Indian cinema, the pie is only going to get bigger.

Last year, the 600 films which were released, accounted for over half of the total films produced across
India and occupied nearly 40% of the total screens in the country. As a sector, between the four languages, this cinema is worth roughly Rs 3,000 crore with Telugu having had the largest share, followed by Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam. In fact, the industry has no entry barriers, and of late, diverse people with non-film backgrounds are also getting into film production. According to E &Y, South Indian cinema is poised for strong growth in the future, driven principally by the same factors and trends that will underpin the future growth of the Indian film industry as a whole.

Traditionally, regular cine goers, watching films is a favourite past time for South Indians. Hence, domestic theatrical revenues, contribute over 70% to a film's total revenues, while overseas theatrical contributes 10% and satellite rights another 10%, with the rest coming from music and other rights. Production too has shown an increasing trend after hitting a trough in 2003. Among the four languages, production of Telugu and Tamil films has shown an increasing trend in the past few years, while Kannada and Malayalam films have not changed significantly.

As E & Y points out, not all films that are produced and certified in a particular year are released in the same year. For instance, in 2006, 587 films were certified but only 456 films were released. Among the four languages, Kannada had the highest release percentage, with 92%, followed by Malayalam (81%), Telugu (76%) and Tamil (72%). The reasons for
the variations are myriad, such as unfavourable market conditions, financial constraints and lack of demand at the distributor level.

In the Tamil and Telugu sub-segments, 35% - 50% of the films produced are small budget films, even while film budgets, particularly that of medium and big budgets have seen a significant scale-up over the past years. While the pro-duction and post - production accounts for 90% - 95% of the total cost of a small budget film, it comes down to 70- 75% in the case of big budgets, with the rest accounted for print and publicity. The moolah route too has not been bad, with a creditable performance of over 50 hits across the four languages last year. Tamil cinema the most successful with 25 hits, followed by Kannada with 12, Telugu with 10 and Malayalam with five hits. Some of the top earners, according to the report, were 'Varalaaru' (Rs 55 crore) and 'Vettaiyadu Vilayadu' (Rs 50 crore) in Tamil, 'Pokkiri' (Rs 40 crore) and 'Stalin' (Rs 33 crore) in Telugu, 'My Autograph' (Rs 6 crore) in Kannada and 'Classmates (Rs 10 crore) in Malayalam.

With changing viewer tastes, niche films is a trend of Hindi cinema which has become very popular in the South as well. From purely 'star-centric' or 'director-centric' in their film selection approach, film-makers are now more open to watching simple films with off-beat story lines. There is also a fresh crop of directorial and acting talent that is willing to experiment in making films that are different.

On the exhibition side, E &Y says, there is a distinct need for promoting more multiplexes, which has just started to catch up in the Southern market. A more organised business approach, professional packaging and marketing of a film, is an area where the South definitely lacks, and leveraging the brand value to exploit various revenue streams are some of the areas, which the report has highlighted as critical issues, that they need to focus.

It is incumbent on the industry to grasp this opportunity and realize its true potential.
Source : The Economic Times

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Fanfare over, families' turn to see Sivaji

COONOOR: With all the four theatres in Coonoor remaining closed in the context of the owners complaining of losses arising from poor public patronage, Rajni fans have little option than to travel 18 km to Udhagamandalam where the blockbuster Sivaji is on screen in two theatres or to go 75 kilometres to Coimbatore to enjoy the movie in a city ambience.

Hard core Rajni fans did exactly that. Like NM Abdul, a tailor in Coonoor municipal market, who travelled to Coimbatore on June 14 itself to be among the first to watch the movie screened exclusively for the Rajni fans at 6.30 am on June 15, the opening day.

But he did not return until he joined a group of young relatives to see the movie again the same evening in another theatre.

"I have this fancy of seeing Rajni films in the very first show. Since there is no theatre in Coonoor, I had to suspend business for three days to enjoy Sivaji with other similar fans. I cannot say that we saw every frame of the movie. But sure, we whistled wherever we could and danced wherever we should. This enjoyment does not come in regular shows. Of course, I had spent around Rs 600 in all, but the enjoyment once in two years when a Rajni movie hits the screen is certainly worth this," he told this website's newspaper.

Contending that he chose Coimbatore for seeing the movie because of the exquisite city experience and the 'majesty' of the theatres, he said he would consider taking his family to the movie now that the initial 'fan' fare is over.

"Now is the time for the families to see the movie," he recommended to a few of his customers. Even as of now, there is not a long list of youngsters in Coonoor who could claim to have seen Sivaji.

Surprisingly, the movie had not impacted many college goers as well. But the debate as to who excelled - Rajni or Vivek - in the movie is live among the youth here as well. Most have seen the repeated trails and advertisement promos in TV channels.

Film personality Y Gee Mahendra, who, incidentally, is the co-brother of Rajnikath, told this correspondent in Coonoor:

"I loved the movie, but am unable to digest people complaining that there is no message in this. One does not go to Rajni movie for a message and everything the fans need is there. I also don't agree with people who say that there is no punch line and all the punches have been given by Vivek. Rajni has done something different and the experiment is totally successful."

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Vairamuthu speaks about Vaaji Vaaji song

எழுதிய எல்லா வரிகளும் இடம் பெறுவதில்லை ஒரு பாடலில் _ சில நல்ல வரிகளும் செல்ல வரிகளும் இடநெருக்கடியால் இடம் பெறாமல் போவதுண்டு. இறந்து பிறந்த குழந்தைகளோடு உயிருள்ள சில சிசுக்களும் புதைக்கப்பட்டால் எப்படி இருக்கும்? அப்படி, ஓர் ஓரமாய் இதயம் வலிக்கும்.
‘சிவாஜி’யில் ‘பூம்பாவாய் ஆம்பல் ஆம்பல்’ பாடலில் இடம்பெற வாய்ப்பில்லாத சரணம் இது :
ஸ்ரேயா : ‘‘ஒரு பார்வையிலே உயிர் உறைந்துவிட்டேன் உங்கள் கண்ணடியில் உள்ள கதகதப்பில் வெயில் காய்வதற்கே இதோ இதோ வந்தேன்
ரஜினி : மன்மதப் பூங்கிடங்கே _ உன்னை எந்தன் மார்புக்குள் அடைகாப்பேன் உனது உயிர் அடிக்கடி சரிபார்ப்பேன் உனது நகம் வளர்கிற இசை கேட்பேன்
ஸ்ரேயா : உம்முடைய வார்த்தையில் வடியும் வாஞ்சையின் கசிவில் நடுநெஞ்சு நனைகிறேன்’’
இந்த வரிகளை வேறெந்தப் பாட்டிலும் இணைக்க இயலாது. இணைத்தாலும் பிறிதொரு மெட்டுக்குள் இது உட்காராது. ஆகவே, ரஜினி ரசிகர்களுக்கே இந்தச் சரணம் சமர்ப்பணம். அவர்கள் இதை பக்தியோடு பாடிப் பரவலாம். பாடலைச் செதுக்கும்போது இப்படி எத்தனையோ சேதாரம்; இதுவொன்றே ஆதாரம்.

Sivaji collected Rs.7.2 crores within 5th week in Chennai

 Abhirami Ramanathan, the distributor of Shivaji in Chennai, is the
happiest man in the world at the moment. Yes, he has recovered his
investment on Superstar Rajini's Shivaji by the end of the 5th week
of the films running. Box Office reports from Chennai confirmed that
the film has collected around Rs.7.2 crores by its 5th week of

Shivaji is still rocking the city with a record run in 14 screens in
the City and 26 Screens in the suburbs with the per screen average
of 82 to 100 percent in its 5th week of running. In the beginning of
the 6th week, the films collection is around Rs.7.2 crores gross.
The distributor had invested 6.2 crores in the films distribution.

According to sources, the film is now running with 100 percent
profit. The agreement that the theatre owners have signed is that
the film will be kept running till the 100th day. Taking this itself
into consideration, one can guess what range the films profits will
be in.

Most the centres screening the film have reported shows that are
house full. It has become very difficult to get a ticket to go see
the film even when the film is in its 5th week. If things go as
planned, the film will rule Box Office charts till the end of
August. The only film that could prove to be an opposition to the
film is Ajiths Kreedom. Lets see who wins when the movie finally

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இந்தியில் சிவாஜி டப் செய்யப்பட்டு 120 தியேட்டர்களில் வெளியிட உள்ளார்கள்

தமிழில் வெளியாகி இந்தியா மட்டுமல்ல வெளிநாடு முழுவதும் பரபரப்பை ஏற்படுத்திய சிவாஜி படம், இந்தியாவில் இப்போது மேலும் ஒரு சாதனை படைக்கப் போகிறது. இந்தியில் இந்த படம் டப் செய்யப்பட்டு 120 தியேட்டர்களில் வெளியிட உள்ளார்கள். தமிழில் தயாரிக்கப்பட்டு ஒரு படம் இந்தியில் அதிக அளவு பிரிண்ட் போட்டு திரையிடப்படுவது இதுவே முதல்முறை. இது பெரிய சாதனையாக தமிழ் சினிமா உலகத்தினர் கூறுகின்றனர்.
சிவாஜி படத்தின் வெளிநாட்டு உரிமை, ஐங்கரன் நிறுவனத்திடம் உள்ளது. இந்த நிறுவனம் இந்தியா தவிர உலகம் முழுவதும், 200 தியேட்டர்களில் திரையிடப்பட்டது. இந்த தியேட்டர்களில் அரங்கு நிறைந்த காட்சிகளாக ஓடிக்கொண்டிருக்கிறது. மலேசியாவில் 56, சிங்கப்பூர் 8, ஆஸ்திரேலியாவில் 8, மத்திய கிழக்கு நாடுகளில் 10, பிரிட்டனில் 20, ஐரோப்பிய நாடுகளில் 20, அமெரிக்காவில் 72 திரையரங்குகளில் சிவாஜி தமிழிலேயே திரையிடப்பட்டது. ஈரோஸ் இண்டர்நேஷ்னல் நிறுவனம் ஐங்கரனின் 51 சதவீத பங்குகளை சமீபத்தில் வாங்கியது.அதன் பின்னர் சீனா மற்றும் ஜப்பானிய மொழியில் சிவாஜி படத்தை டப் செய்து மேலும் பல திரையரங்குகளில் வெளியிட திட்டமிட்டுள்ளது. ஏற்கனவே தென்கொரிய மொழியில் டப் செய்து கடந்த 13ம் தேதி திரையிடப்பட்டுள்ளது.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rajni calls on Shankar

'Super Star' Rajnikanth called on director Shankar at the latter's residence in Chennai and expressed his gratitude to him for delivering a hit in Sivaji.
The two had teamed up for Sivaji - The Boss, produced by AVM Productions. Released last month, Sivaji has shattered box-office records all across the globe.
The movie featured Rajnikanth at his best and still running to packed houses at several screens in Tamilnadu.
Shankar had been out of the country during the movie's release. He reached Chennai only a few days ago. Rajnikanth promptly called on Shankar on Monday evening and thanked him for creating a magic on screen.
Both discussed about the movie's run in theatres and audience's responses.

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Chennai Box-Office (July 13-15)

Sivaji continues its dream run in Chennai city. All 14 screens have 85
to 100 percent occupancy during weekends, even in its fifth week. The
clear number one by a mile!

At number two position is Harry Potter and the order of Phoneix.It took
an impressive 90 percent opening in seven Chennai screens, with two
screens in Sathyam cinemas (Sree and Seasons) and Inox reporting a 100
percent opening.

Due to the Potter effect Apocalypto, collections have dropped but it
has done a decent 65 percent during the weekend. At the fourth position
is Chennai-600028, which is holding on well.Cheeni Kum is in the fifth
Source : Sify

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Malaysia : ‘Sivaji’ bosses his way to a record

A humorous scene from the movie with Rajnikanth and Shriya. The fllm has broken the box office record for being the highest grossing Indian film in Malaysia with RM8 million collected.
A humorous scene from the movie with Rajnikanth and Shriya. The fllm has broken the box office record for being the highest grossing Indian film in Malaysia with RM8 million collected.

JOHOR BARU: Sivaji the Boss has broken the box office record for being the highest grossing Indian film in Malaysia with RM8 million collected.
Ever since its opening in 56 theatres across the country on June 14, with angry fans breaking furniture in a handful of theatres, the film has registered double the amount of ticket sales compared with previous record holder Chandramukhi at RM4 million.

The owner of the movie rights in Malaysia, Pyramid Saimira Theatre Chain (M) Sdn Bhd, expects Sivaji the Boss to collect even more.

"The movie is still being screened in many theatres in Malaysia.

"The collection has proved to be the highest grossing Indian film in Malaysia.
"But the overwhelming response from Rajnikanth fans will definitely see the collection going up," said the company’s head of distribution, Boban Balakrishnan.

Pyramid Saimira Group had paid AVM Productions in India RM15 million for the rights to distribute and screen the movie in Malaysia, and in Coimbatore and Hyderabad in India.

It is learnt that the sum is the highest so far paid by any Malaysian company for distribution rights for an Indian film, after the rights to Chandramukhi was bought for RM1.7 million by Lotus Five Star AV (M) Sdn Bhd in 2005.

Star Screen Cinemas Sdn Bhd manager B. Raaj said its 16 theatres nationwide were screening the movie.

"Although our cinemas in Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Klang were badly affected due to the riots, we collected about RM4 million," Raaj added.

Raaj said that the riots by patrons at its cinemas had caused them almost RM500,000 in damages.

Angry fans in those cinemas had broken furniture and display cases after technical glitches marred the screening of the film on opening night.

Raaj claimed that the distributor had never apologised or visited their premises although they were supposed to have been responsible for technical glitches.

The movie has been screened in Japan, China, the US, Britain and Australia.

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Sivaji to set Hindi heartland on fire - The Economic Times

CHENNAI: The saga of Rajnikant’s blockbuster Sivaji continues to rock the Indian box office, as is the case with the overseas market too.

Enthused by the response to Sivaji across India, AVM Productions, the producers of this costliest movie ever made in the country, are now planning to dub it in Hindi. The intention is to release it across a wider market in the Hindi heartland, as well as other regions to capitalise on the Sivaji wave, which continues to sweep even in its fifth week.

AVM Productions, which was under pressure from the distributors in north for more prints, ever since the film was released on June 15, has taken a formal decision to dub the movie in Hindi and release it now.

The production house, which was awaiting the return of the film’s director Shankar, and music director A R Rahman, both of whom were abroad when the film released, has got their nod.

Confirming the decision to dub Sivaji in Hindi, SC Babu, CEO, AVM Productions & AVM Studios, said: “The response has been phenomenal for the movie, across all markets, ever since it was released. In its fifth week, about 30-plus prints are being screened somewhere or the other beyond the Vindhyas in the country. It is a record of sorts for any Tamil movie,” he told ET.

At the last count, it was running in five screens in Delhi, three in Kolkata, which came down to two due to heavy rains, besides cities like Pune, Jaipur, Lucknow. At one point, Sivaji was being screened in eight screens in Mumbai. “In Bhiwandi, it has created a record by registering continuous housefull shows, an unheard of proposition over the past 18 years in that centre,” says Mr Babu.

According to him, leading theatre chains â€" Inox and PVR â€" have been promoting the film aggressively across north Indian markets. “If we had gone for a complete digital release of the movie, we could have released Sivaji in at least 120 screens across north India,” he said.

Sources estimate that Sivaji would have raked in around Rs 1.5 crore so far from the north Indian market. “This is at least 8-10 times of what a Tamil movie would have collected across this region,” sources said. Meanwhile, Ayngaran International, which acquired the overseas rights for Sivaji, is planning to dub the movie and release it in China and Japan.

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Sivaji - Andra Distributor & Profitability Update


                    In AP, Bellamkonda Suresh bought the Telugu rights of Sivaji.
Some of you may remember him as he was one of the guys who was shot allegedly by
NTR Balakrishna in 2004. Lucikly he survived, even more lucky, he got the Telugu
rights of Sivaji since everyone in the industry thought Tirupathi N.V. Prasad
will get the rights. After Anniyan, Shankar was about to start a Telugu movie
for Prasad, but since Sivaji happened he postponed that and assured him that he
will get Sivaji's Telugu rights. But AVM decided to give the rights to Suresh.

The amount for Sivaji's Telugu rights is in dispute as you know Sify quoted
13crores and AVM came up with a public statement saying its only 8 crores, but
when The Hindu questioned about the amount, Suresh was non-commital and said
that is something between him and AVM.


But this article below in Screen Weekly puts it at Rs 14 crores which seems more
reasonable since we are talking about 250 prints that were released in 325
theaters across AP. Also Suresh sold Nizam territory (which has Hyd/Sec) to our
good old friends Pyramid Saimira for 6.75 crores. With all the areas put
together, Suresh sold it for Rs. 20-22 crores giving himself a handsome profit
of 6-8 crores to start with.


What Abhirami did for Chennai in a small scale, Pyramid Saimira did it in a
larger scale by releasing the movie in 44 screens in Hyd/Sec area beating
Chiru's Sankar Dada MBBS record of 38 screens.

Post Release:

From Day 1, Sivaji's Telegu Box Office Collection gave a run for its money to
its Tamil counterpart in TN. In Nizam alone, for the first 4 days, it collected
distributor share of Rs. 2.75 crores for Pyramid Saimira.


By the end of the first week, Hyd and adjoining districts, the movie collected
Rs. 6 crores (Refer to Business Today's latest Article).

The first week all over AP collected Rs.15+ crores and by the end of the first
month/4 weeks Sivaji collected Rs.35-40 crores,  still at #1 as of last week


The movie is still running in more than 10+ screens in Hyd


Bellamkonda Suresh is one happy man and couple of days ago, he bought Vel's
Telugu rights for entire AP (Surya starrer and Hari is the Director)


Need anymore proof for Distributor Profitability ?

The Boss Rocks !


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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sivaji - Kerala & Karnataka Distributors & Profitability

Lets look into Kerala and Karnataka Sivaji's investments and BO Collections as
the movie approaches 1-month mark.

Kerala - Johnny Sagarika bought Sivaji for Kerala (except of Palakad and
Thirussur which was bought by a Palakad Theater Owner Tamil guy who have long
association with AVM). The cost including print and publicity came to 3.8 crores
to Johnny. The movie was released in 86 screens an unprecedented and unheard in
Kerala's movie industry (even Mammotty and Mohanlal's movies get released
between 50-60 screens). June 15th is in Monsoon season and school reopening so
Malayalam movies normally don't get released.

The movie made 4crores in the first week. The # of screens were reduced to 60
from 86 in the second week as per previous arrangements. After a month, the
movie has grossed 8+ crores (includes theater share as well) which should enable
the distributor to break even + a handsome profits. The movie is still running
at many centers with 60%-65% occupancy rates on weekdays and 85%-95% on weekends
which all should be adding to the profits.

Karnataka - H.D. Gangaraju (former Karnataka Film Chamber president and
long-time friend of Thalaivar, he is the regular S* movie distributor in
Karnataka - one of the rare distributors who didn't ask for any refund for Baba,
but Thalaivar insisted that he accept the refund even thought Baba did better
than any other tamil movie released in 2002) bought for Rs. 3.25crores.Due to
Karnataka Film Chamber's restriction of # of Prints for a non-Tamil movie be
restricted to 13, he released the movie with larger prints for Bangalore and few
for Kolar,Shimogo etc. but not in Mysore and Mangalore.

Since tix prices are higher in Bangalore stand-alones and multiplexes (10+
Screens) , with near 100% collections in the first week everywhere including
rural Karnataka, the movie grossed nearly 2-2.5 crores in the first week itself.
The movie is going strong around 1 month mark with 6.5 crores and prints rotated
to Mangalore (2 weeks back) and Mysore (2 days back). Since the prints are
restricted and still the pirated DVDs not being out, the movie has good
potential to do well all over Karnatak in the next 6 months.

This once again proves Thalaivar's BO power even in remote parts of any indian
state without any promotion etc., Unparalled !


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Tiruthani Golden Trivia

All you might remember my posting on Tiruthani Golden theatre. The movie which was bought by theatre management for 13.5 lakhs has collected 20 lakhs so far in both screens. (this is last week's news)

Tiruthani Golden Trivia:
Sivaji was released in two theaters simultaneously in Golden complex.  The first three+ weeks including several special shows theater management has already earned their investments in huge.  When I spoke to the management they told me that they have shifted to mini golden theater because they have already booked Ajith's Kreedom and was anticipating its release. Unfortunately it got bit delayed.

And they said, now the female audiences have started pouring in.They assure Sivaji will finish 100 days run in Mini Golden since the family crowd has started to visit the theaters to see the movie.  And the movie is doing good with HouseFul shows in Mini Golden which has a seating capacity of 300+ (but someother say atleast 400 persons are inside the theatre) So 300x4 = 1200 viwers per day is too much for a small town like Tiruthani and only Boss with God's grace can do this.

With Inputs from TVE Rajesh, Manivannan

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France : Sivaji 4th Week Advertisement


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Sivaji broke Chandramukhi collection in Mayiladuthurai within 25 days!

We called up Mayiladuthurai Rajini Fan Club Head, Mr Rajeshwaran, to find more updates on Sivaji on 12 July 2007. He informed us that, it is still going strong and up to today, the tickets are sold at higher price. Normal tickets for Mayuram are Rs6, Rs15 and Rs24. Now the ticket price is Rs50 net. Since Chandramukhi collected 22 Lakhs for 65 days ran at Mayuram Ratna theater, the distributor sold Sivaji at 24Lakhs for this town. The collection figure for Sivaji up to 11 July was 27 Lakhs.
Mr Rajeshwaran spoke to theater owner to reduce the price so that the lower end people can watch the film repeatedly. The theater owner keep saying that he will do it within 2 days but he is dragging as the shows are 60% occupied in the day shows and houseful in the evening shows and houseful for all weekend shows. The theater owner has confirmed that Sivaji will run for 100 days in Ratna theater and this will be the first film for that particular theater.
Mr Rajeshwaran alos updated that the surrounding areas such as Thanjavur, Kumbakonam, Thiruvarur, Karaikal, Nagapatinam, Sirkazhi, etc which are doing amazing collection and the tickets are still sold at jack up price.
Thiruthurai Poondi Vijila Delux theatre - the theatres were filled with only 60% audience in all the shows.  Ticket prices are still high.. Rs.30/- is too much for the places like Thiruthurai pooindi which is not even considered as a C centre and something below.
For your info, Mayiladuthurai, Thiruvarur, Karaikal, Nagapatinam and Sirkazhi is considered as "C" centre and Thanjavur is considered "B" centre.

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Move over, Bollywood: Here comes The Boss - Asia Times


Friday, July 13, 2007

Harry potter is waiting for our BOSS

Movie theatres in the city are gearing up for the craziness among fans â€" pint-sized and adult â€" that’s going to erupt over the weekend. “We’ve had an exceptionally strong response,” says Sathyam Cinemas COO Tan Ngaronga. “Since Sivaji is still running, we aren’t able to use our big theatres for Harry Potter, so we’re thinking of holding four shows each in two of the smaller ones.”

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Sivaji still maintains in North India

Shivaji still rocks in North India. The movies Bollywood movies released with Shivaji  are washed out. Even after the big movies released during 29th June also not doing well. But our BOSS Still rules North. This is the great achievement of a Tamil Movie in North zone
Shivaji Successful North India 5th week
Movie Hall
Show Times
11.30 am
3.00 pm
Vashi adlabs
10.15 pm
PVR Juhu
12.50 pm
PVR Mulund
10.15 am
9.55 pm
Fame Malad
9.15 pm
Fame Andheri
8.00 pm
Regal Kolaba
10.00 am
Dombivii Puja
9.00 am
Fun republic
City Gold
City Peals
1 theater
1 theater
1 theater
3 theaters
Source : Mr Nambirajan / Shivaji - North Indian Distributor

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