Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sivaji overtakes Chandramukhi - Nethiyadi in Maalai Malar !!

You all might aware of Sivaji's record in 125 days in Tamil nadu and other parts of globe.

The news was sent to print media and it has come in today Maalai Malar.

Right time for the news

The news in today (Monday) Maalai malar is very important because - Govt. award function invitation has also come in today's papers.

To the attention of Vaitherichal parties

All vaitherichal parties like Bachans and Konis, Puruda News Anandan and other lead actors, actress would have seen the news. Also the news in Malar reaches high level in govt. functionaries upto Cabinet level. Finally also AVM.

The message was shown clearly to them. "Sivaji has beat CM record!!"

Pls check the following link for the news scan:

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