Sunday, October 21, 2007

What happened in Albert Theater? - Answer!!

You all should remember that Sivaji ran in Albert for 100 + days as 4 Shows/day.

After that , the film was shifted to Baby Albert in reduced shows and finally removed.

Our films were never forced to run by Superstar or his circles. Running films is purely at the discretion of producers (Like Ramkumar, Sivaji Productions) and distributors.

Previously our films used to release only in 8 theatres. But you all know that Sivaji was released in 17 theatres with 4 shows. (Even in Prarthana - the other theatre Aradhana it was released)

So, you can't expect it to run more than 100 days in Albert. Moreover, Albert has lost its floating population as Omni Bus-stand has been shifted to Koyambedu. In earlier days while our film was having more than 100 days run in Albert - it was running in Bala Abirami and Baby Albert alone.

But now - Devi Bala 4 shows and Inox and Santham and Bala Abirami. Double the running. So, please don't zoom this. And enjoy the running.

Even last weekend, during the Bandh and other holidays Sivaji was Houseful at Baby Albert.

Moreover, i heard that there was a difference of opinion between Albert and Abirami Ramanathan and hence the film was removed.....

Note: The ticket rate was very very high in Albert compared to the facilities it has. - Rs.70 and Rs.85 for Sivaji.

- Sundar

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