Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Big B starts shooting with Rajini for Sivaji

Sivaji shooting spot and the crew were awestruck when the big B of Indian cinema - Amitabh walked into the sets. Nope not as a visitor, but to be a part of the mega Rajini movie. Did we not tell you about the talks that were being carried out by Shankar to rope Amitabh in for Sivaji? Seems like the talks were fruitful and Amitabh has flown down from Mumbai to finish the shoots with Rajini in a Juvenile home in Chengalpattu.
Amitabh bachchan
Amitabh is cast as the mentor and a lawyer in the movie who helps Rajini during difficult times. Earlier, shoots were carried out in the Binny campus in Chennai in a set constructed to reflect a prison. Rajini's scenes as a prisoner were shot in the location and as a continuation Rajini and Amitabh's combination scenes were shot in Chengalpattu. The shots of Amitabh, playing a lawyer, counseling Rajini during his imprisonment were shot in Chengalpattu.

The crew seemed to be having the time of their life to be associated with the biggest name in movie business. Rajini seemed pleased that Amitabh has been brought in for Sivaji.
After the shots, Rajini was seen having a good time at the juvenile home mentoring the children. He advised them to have a positive attitude towards life quoting some of the juvenile kids who made it big in their life. He wished them all luck with their future.

With that Sivaji's shoots are almost reaching a closure and a community hall has been rented out in Chengalpattu for canning vital scenes of the movie. Shankar is slating the movie for an April 2007 release and witnessing the phase of the movie's progress, that is not too difficult a target to achieve.

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