Monday, October 09, 2006

Sivaji, Shreya and her jail connection

Shreya has grabbed quite a lot of public attention these days. Her celebrity status has soared to unbelievable levels owing to her part in Sivaji and her being cast opposite Rajini definitely did help a lot. Couple of years ago she could easily have passed off as just another college girl when she made her sidekick appearance in Unakku 18 Enakku 20. These days though, she is all over in news and is actually enjoying the attention that she gets.
She is busy shooting for Sivaji these days. Actually, only for Sivaji. Her contract with Shankar prevents her from committing to any other movies till the completion of Sivaji.

During the shoots of Sivaji, a scene demanded her to visit Rajini in the Jail. And if you thought the scene is to kindle the emotional feelings of the pair, you are perfectly wrong. The scene was rather a romantic song. The ones Tamil cinema always portrays, we guess. The meeting would most definitely have ended up in a duet in exotic locales in and around Europe.
Jokes apart, Shreya naively stated that she had never seen a jail in her entire life, not even a set of a jail. Well, she has seen one now. We are sure that was never in her wish list though.

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