Friday, September 22, 2006

Binny mills thronged with Rajini fans and general public

The most expected visual extravaganza Rajini’s Sivaji is progressing day after day in and around the outskirts of the city. The shoots are nearing the stage of wrap up. On Thursday, Assistant Police Commissioner office premises at Pulianthope (near Perambur) witnessed massive turnaround of activities and was thronged with general public who were dying to catch a glimpse of their icon – Superstar Rajinikanth.
Shooting spot
The shoots were scheduled at the APC office and scenes of Rajini being arrested by the Police Commissioner and taken charge were shot. Rajendranath donned the Police Commissioner’s role.

Earlier, Sivaji was shot in different locations in Chennai and Hyderabad. Song sequences of Rajini with Shreya in the lead were shot in Europe and other exotic locales. Shoots were carried out in Binny mill premises during the week that went by and it is reported that the shooting schedule of the mega movie is nearing completion.
Coming over to Pulianthope again, after news seeped out that Rajini is going to turn up for the shoots, the entire vicinity was swarmed by eager fans and kids in the surrounding areas longing to grasp a lifetime look at their favorite star. Besides, junior artistes close to 1000 were hired in loads and were filled in the spot.

RRajini’s arrest and the public protest over it were shot. Junior artistes enacted the scene and artistes who were dressed as cops controlling the crowds created confusion among the public since there were real cops around.
Shooting spot
Rajini appeared in the midst and the arrest scene was shot and he was walked out of the Commissioner’s office.

Rajini was amidst heavy security measures and was seen escorted by his personal guards. He was escorted to the Binny mill premises after the completion of every shot to relax.
The stretch of Ambedkar College road from Pulianthope to Vyasarpadi was closed owing to the maintenance measures of the canal.
This facilitated the crew since the road was deserted with no traffic.
Rajini will be seen playing a NRI millionaire in Sivaji who comes back home only to lose his entire wealth to the corrupt politicians in Tamil Nadu. He is left with a single rupee and his struggle to re-earn his lost wealth is Sivaji – if what close sources say can be believed.

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