Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sujatha�s lengthy dialogue for Rajini in Sivaji

Sujatha the distinguished Tamil writer has a varied and vivid experience as a dialogue writer for Tamil films. He has been associated with Shankar, Manirathnam, Kamal and a hoard of others. The keyword for contemporary cinema is ‘don’t talk, show’.
The pioneer for this style of filming is Manirathnam. Shankar also follows similar style of dialogue writing. Though these two illustrious directors differ in their film making style, they are alike in having their character speak in crispy tones.

There would be lengthy dialogues only when there is a chance of a scene not being understood by the audience. Unless it is extremely essential, these directors are not inclined to let their characters go on a talking parade.
The TV scene in Indian where the Indian thatha talks of corruption, TV interview scene in Mudhalvan, Nehru stadium scene in Anniyan- these are some of the scenes which had long drawn out dialogues. An intelligent filmmaker would rely more on the body language to convey the emotions or the essence of a scene rather than through the prolonged dialogues. In the recent times Sujatha has written a fairly lengthy dialogue for Sivaji in a terrace scene. Rajini fans would have to wait for some more time to enjoy their icon mouthing such a speech.

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