Friday, September 08, 2006

Rajini to the rescue: Shankar gets the camera he wants

We all know that Shankar likes to try out something new in every film of his. He is in more ways than one the technical pioneer in the industry.
Remember all those marvelous things that he introduced in Boys. Even though the movie did not live up to expectations the technical perfection was noted. Also remember the Matrix fight sequence in Anniyan. Shankar is the man to test the waters with any state of the art technology.
Nothing has changed for his upcoming movie Sivaji. The reports are that he plans to film a fight sequence with a special sort of camera that has never been used in Tamil cinema before.
The rent alone for the camera is said to run into lakhs. This put off producers AVM who were already a bit concerned about the budget that was crossing their estimates. They hesitated to hire the camera.
This was when Rajinikanth stepped in and expressed his faith in Shankar and his skills to do a good job. He convinced AVM that the money spent on the camera would be worth every penny and that the results on screen would be excellent.
AVM could not brush aside the Superstar’s recommendation and agreed to get the camera for Shankar to film the fight sequence.
Now we can all look forward to seeing a stunning fight sequence in Sivaji when it releases.

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