Friday, September 08, 2006

Sivaji: Rajini�s fluttering hair � not this time

The man never ceases to surprise us. One might think that the Superstar has achieved everything that an actor can in filmdom, yet he keeps finding new ways of making things better, for himself, for others and most of all, for the viewers. We have heard a lot about him, but we have certainly not heard everything and definitely not heard the last about him. This man still seems as enthusiastic as a schoolchild while shooting for his films.
No, this is not an ode dedicated to the superstar written by a fanatic; we have solid facts to support our statements.

This is what happened on the sets of Sivaji a few days back. A scene was being shot which involved the superstar and his nemesis (in the movie) Suman. Though Suman is one of the most experienced actors he couldn’t come up to Shankar’s expectation that day and the particular scene was retaken and retaken and retaken – for not less than 15 times till Shankar finally said ‘OK.’ All the while Rajni was patiently redoing his part without showing any signs of frustration whatsoever. A complete professional!
Now, here’s another one. During his earlier movies Rajni was in the habit of standing in front of the giant propeller, usually found in shootings, and enjoying the breeze/gust of wind, whatever you want to call it. The sight of Rajni’s original hair fluttering about in the wind would be marvelous. But nowadays we couldn’t see that scene since the wind would spoil the wig that he is wearing. And what a full time assistant has been recruited by Shankar to see to it that the hairpiece meant for the movie is properly in place.

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