Friday, February 23, 2007

Rajini shares secrets with Shriya

Associating with a veteran most definitely means a lot of mentoring. And Shriya seems to have gone through just that during the shoots of Sivaji. Apart from shaking her booty with the superstar, she seems to have taken a few valuable advices from Rajinikanth on the sets of Sivaji during the breaks.
Looks like the superstar knowledge-transferred her some trade secrets. He advised her to deal with directors and producers directly while committing for movies since a middleman would mean trouble.

Having taken the advices seriously, Shriya seems to have applied those principles while deciding her future ventures. As a result, she has now Azhagiya Tamil Magan opposite Vijay and Kandasamy opposite Vikram.

See, advices do work. Ask Shriya.
Source : Behinwoods

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