Saturday, August 04, 2007

Box office flash 25: Sivaji's record in Aruppukottai!!

Friends, before proceeding with further info, one thing I want to clarify you all.
Why Sivaji was released in large number of theatres?
The theatre owners who bought Sivaji for record price were allowed to screen in other screens too. So, they went on a deal with other local theatres and screened the movie.
What makes news is several theatres which has never witnessed Houseful shows for months and years registered record number of Houseful shows during first week. That is the power of Boss.
Sivaji - The Boss was released in 3 theatres in Aruppukottai (This is record!!)  in Maharani dts,Rani dts,Ilayarani A/c dts which has seating capacity of 1000,600,600 consecutively.
CM released in Maharani only. It ran for 88 days. (This is record!!)  
As per pre-release agreement Sivaji was removed from Maharani after 35 days in Maharani. In Rani it was screened for 10 days.
Now let's Sivaji at Ilayarani in Aruppukottai � facts and figures and records
1. Opening day shows taken by local fan clubs. All shows reported Houseful and House over ful.
2. Show tickets priced Rs.125 & Rs.100 (This is record!!)  
3. First day first show the local club arranged Vadipatti Mela Vaadhiyam &
   sweets to fans, 108 coconut breaking.
4. For the first 8 days the ticket priced at Rs.100. (This is record!!) After that 12 days ticket prices slashed to Rs.75. (This is record!!).
5. For other films the ticket rate would be Rs.20 only after the first show screened.
6. Now the ticket priced Rs.50/-,Rs.40/- and Rs.30/-.(This is record!!) Family audience are enjoying the show with heavy claps for superb dialogues.
8. Aruppukottai city covers approximately 40 villages.
9. Recently special shows arranged by local fan club for college students & +1,+2 Students. Local club paid the amount to the theatre and took the show. Ilayarani. They are enjoyed watching the movie with thier college mates.
10. Sivaji 30 days collection in 3 theatres Rs.45 to 50 lakhs. (According to sources - since theatres hesitate to reveal figures)
11. Theatre management expects that the film would easily cross 100 days run in Aruppukottai, thereby creating a new record in this town.
12. The Sound effect is being increased for second half since there is lots of scenes to whistle and clap. 
Note 1: For other movies, Minumum Guarantee system is only followed in important cities and major towns (A centres). In B and C centres, theatre owners never buy any movie for MG other than Superstar's movies. But with Sivaji the term MG has been re-written aas Maximum Guarantee. How is it?

Note 2: I am collecting Trichy records and it requires lots of preparation. Friends, pls wait.

Note 3 : Pls find the Sivaji banners which are placed by our fans in Aruppukottai theatres in the following link.
- Sundar
(With inputs from M Ponraj)

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