Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Surprising scene at 60th day show in AVM Rajeswari!!


I got  a chance to watch the Boss again yesterday (13/8/07)  at AVM Rajeswari theatre in Vadapalani with my friends.

Monday Evening - HOUSEFUL

I was there exactly at 5.50 pm - 40 minutes before the movie time (6.30 pm) Even at that time there was crowd waiting outside the theatre and tickets were being issued and believe me, exactly by 6.30 the movie was HOUSEFUL.

Pls check the photograph of the theatre i took by that time:


The hall was packed with full of family audiences and kids. And the theatre staff were busy arranging the seats for latecomers with the help of torchlight.

10%  of the audience were repeat audience like us. We are shouting and screaming as usual while watching the movie in many places (without disturbing the public) And we made the entire row of ours electrifying.


The comedy scenes and mottai  boss scenes were enjoyed by the audience well.

A surprising thing is : Nobody went out for songs during the whole movie and everybody including the repeat audience remained nailed to the seats.  This is a miracle.

Each and everytime...

Each and everytime I watch the movie, i feel as if i am watching first time. And the entire 3 + hours flew like minutes.....

3 + hrs, i shed again my worries and problems and forgot everything and i am out of world.

Thanks to our Boss.

Bonus - 60 th day poster

Pls have a look at 60th day poster in the following link:


- Sundar

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