Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Shivaji - Mumbai update from Vignesh

Sivaji is 10 times bigger than chandramuki in Mumbai. BOSS was screened in 20 theaters Mumbai.
3.INOX(3 theaters)
4.adlabs (all 6 screens)
5.cinemax(some 3 screens)
6.Megraj vashi

* The movie ran in all the screens for 1st 3 weeks!!!
* 50 days in both the PVR's
* Still going very very strong in Aurora
* Every sunday it is housefull!
I went this sunday (7 th week) and it was housefull. Last week also, it was housefull. All the times, i went through black ticket only Rs60 ticket for Rs100 & Rs80 ticket for Rs150.. It would be Rs200 to Rs300 5 min's before the show starts.

Boardwalk for $500? In 2007? Ha!
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