Thursday, September 06, 2007

Box office flash 32: Sivaji's Thundering run & some facts behind it!


Movies released after Sivaji couldn't even able to make the parking and canteen collections of Sivaji. (This was a joke once Sivaji released. But it has turned true now. One of my friend who is working in a theatre told me this)

Fact 1 : All the movie-going population has seen Sivaji in its first 20 days itself - thereby creating record.

Fact2: Most of the family audiences has seen Sivaji in the next 20 days with their kith and kin.

Those who rarely come to theatre and also senior citizens who are above 75 - who never come outside of their home has seen Sivaji in the next 20 days. (One of my friend reported me that in Bangalore PVR cinemas he saw many senior citizens in wheel chairs who came to watch Sivaji)

Fact 4:
Meantime, all of the college students with their friends also have seen Sivaji in the first three weeks.

Fact 5: Frankly speaking there is no one to watch Sivaji now - bcos all have seen the movie already. Now the movie is purely running on repeat audience. If AVM does something innovatively in ads and promos - these repeat audience would increase to a large extent.

If somebody / or a recognised agency / government body takes a survey to find out the following - the results would be stunning.

1) How many people have watched Sivaji so far in Tamil Nadu alone and in Chennai ?

2) How many people have seen Sivaji more than one time?

3) The average percentage of repeat audience in theatres per show all over TN after

4) Number of times you go to watch a movie in theatre per year

5) Last time you took your family to watch a movie in theatre?

6) Last time you bought an audio cd / cassette?

13 crores in Chennai alone

And look at this article from Thatstamil. It says in Chennai alone the collection has doubled its cost - (Cost Rs.6.5 crores - collections so far - 13 crores) This amount is official amount. Think abt the other.....

Got double the investment

And it also says that the distributors and exhibitors have realized almost double the amount they invested in the film.

Shankar gets real boost

The article also says that it is a real boost for Shankar after floppy 'Boys' and average 'Anniyan.'

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English article link: 

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