Friday, September 14, 2007

Records Galore - Thy Name is Sivaji: The Boss

In addition to the multitudes of records created by Thalaivar's
Sivaji: The BOSS, here is one more from the ultimate blockbuster of
this century.

Thalaivar's greatest hit till date - Sivaji - is still running for 3
shows daily in Bangalore's PVR Multiplex, considered as India's
premier multiplex amongst all its peers. About 4 weeks back,
Sivaji's screening was reduced to 2 shows (from earlier 4 & then 3
shows daily) in PVR & the following week to 1 show daily but last
week, it was increased to 2 shows (1 show in Classic screens & 1
more show in Europa screens) & this week (from 14th Sep.'07) to 3
shows (2 shows in Classic & 1 Show in Europa).

Apart from PVR, BOSS is still running daily 4 shows in Nataraj
theatre in Banglore. In both these theatres, Sivaji has been
running since its release date and is expected to complete 100 days.

I think this is a record for PVR Cinemas. As far as I can remember
since PVR opened in Bangalore in Aug.'04, I haven't noticed any
movie running for 100 days continuosly on its first release.

Sivaji must be the first movie to create a record run of 100 days in
PVR, which is India's premier multiplex chain. PVR's ticket rates
are one of the highest amongst the multiplexes in India & a Tamil
movie running for the maximum days in such a multiplex & that too
outside TN, must be a first of its kind both in terms of maximum run
days as well as highest BO collections.

Sivaji is sure breaking record after record. If there is no
previous record in a particular city or town or segment, Sivaji
creates a new record to set benchmark for the industry.

With Luv,


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