Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sivaji: Heading for first century - Galatta

Sivaji: Heading for first century Sivaji, the film that has broken all box-office records in the Tamil film industry, is confidently striding towards the 100-day mark. It is still drawing huge audiences, so if you plan to see it during the weekend, you are advised to get your advance booking first.
Released simultaneously in Tamil and Telugu in over 800 theatres worldwide, it is reported to be the costliest Indian film made till date and the producers are laughing their way to the bank. It is now being dubbed in Hindi, with some additional scenes being shot and added to the film to give it that Hindi 'bhel puri' flavour.
It had dream runs in Malaysia, Singapore, US, the Gulf and wherever it is screened. There are plans to dub it in Chinese and Japanese too. Though the film had its share of delays and controversies, they are but bad memories now.
Jaya Rajadevan, an assistant director in Sivaji, approached a civil court to stop its screening on charges of plagiarism, saying he wrote the story and discussed it with Shankar's manager in 2005. However, the screening of the movie was not stopped.
M. Satyamoorthy sought a ban on its screening (and an astronomical amount in damages) in another court claiming it defamed the Congress party and its dignitaries because the villain had their photos with himself, hinting and implying that they are also villains by association.
However, this complaint was also rejected. Incidentally, the judge's comments are quotable. He said that when everybody has already seen the film, no useful purpose can be served by banning it.
Are you in the minority which has yet to see Sivaji? Don't be left out feeling like a geek when all your friends discuss the film, its scenes, sets, songs, dialogues, action...!
Enter the theatre and come in and sit down and see Sivaji and don't be standing outside looking inside at people sitting inside seeing Sivaji!

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