Monday, December 11, 2006

Rahman completes recording for Sivaji

A R Rahman is a relieved man now, for he has completed recording all the six songs for Rajinikanth’s magnum opus Sivaji.


Directed by Shankar and produced by AVM, the movie has generated lots of hype and curiosity among millions of Rajinikanth fans.


A thrilled Rahman says that the music of Sivaji would live up to all expectations and would be different from his earlier works.


Rahman, who stormed into the Indian film music with his debut film Roja, bagging the national award, has a word of advice for the up and coming music directors.


He says, “I think it is important for a composer to have his own identity,” he said.


Looking back at his career, Rahman says, “People remembered me more for my rhythm-driven songs, than my melodious numbers. But things have changed since Lagaan.”


On the criticisms against him that he takes a long time to complete composing, Rahman says, “I take all criticism objectively and believe in elevating the tastes of the listener.”

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