Monday, December 04, 2006

Sivaji Shooting Tidbits


Now that I am back to normal (after the darshan of and eye-to-eye
salute with The Super Star), let me share some of the tidbits at
Sivaji shooting spot in Big Bazaar showroom in Bangalore.

Apart from Super Star, actors Vivek and Vinu Chakravarthi also
participated in the shooting.

Vinu Chakravarthi was in pure white dhoti and shirt (I think his
role is a politician) and 6 or 7 similarly dressed people were also
with him for the scene. I gathered that some of these people were
selected from the crowd itself (only middle aged people) before the
shooting started in the morning.

The shooting happened in the ground floor area where some people/
actors were posing as customers and they were told to look at the
displays whenever camera was running.

The shopping area at the ground floor has been converted as "SIVAJI
MALL" with price tags/labels displaying the words "SIVAJI'S" along
with the price of the items.

SS was looking impeccable in a blue/bluish grey business suit. His
wig was similar to the one he is wearing in the earlier Sivaji still
in which he will be sitting in a chair wearing yellow shirt/coat.

SS also had the small mush just below the middle of his lower lips
(a la Amir Khan in Dil Chhata Hai).

Vivek was in carduroys with a pull over coat or something.

All the employees of Big Bazaar were of course there in their
uniforms to lend authenticity to the scenes.

Director Shankar was in jeans and a blue shirt and was a busy but a
tired man.

The one person who was conspicuous by his absense was cameraman
K.V.Anand, whom I could not see at all.

They were taking Scene No 67. I felt it must be a lighter scene
where Vinu & his cohorts come to Sivaji's Mall and argue with SS &
Vivek over the low-priced goods he is offering to public. Of
course, one could not make a head or tail of it, just by watching
the shoot. We may not even know if that shot will appear in the
movie ultimately.

I would have spent about an hour at the shooting spot. For most
of the time I spent there, I was just observing SS and savouring
every moment of it.

Even as he was sitting in a chair and talking to people nearby, his
body language could inspire an onlooker. The way he moves/rolls
both his hands while talking, the way he keeps changing his leg
postures, everything I was simply observing and savouring. He has
got something - a special charm - in his eyes and when he sees you,
you are bound to like him.

In between shots, he was conversing with Vivek - may be they were
discussing about the next shot/scene or may be the discussion was
about SS' participation in Vivek's "Solli Adippen" movie's
ensuing cassette release function - I don't know.

Slowly, some of the onlookers crept near SS and one of them
requested for his autograph and got it too. Then, immediately many
people simultaneously rushed towards SS which made the security
guards to disperse them. Seeing the melee, SS stopped signing the
autographs and moved away with Vivek.

After some time, SS took one of the kids who was there and kept him
on his lap for a few minutes. You should have seen the kid's
mother's face which was glowing with a sense of achievement. I too
tried to get near SS and wanted to congratulate him on his becoming
a grand father and if possible to get an autograph but, alas, I
could not do it, as just then director Shankar called for the shot
and all of us were asked to move out of the camera range.

Shankar, the director, seems to be a cool person. Of course, he was
extremely busy and looked very tired at that time of day. He and SS
were sharing some meaningful smiles after discussing the scene.

Shankar politely asked for re-takes four times with Vinu
Chakravarthy and SS. They didn't make any fuss about it and were
game for it till it came to Shankar's satisfaction. After the shot
was completed correctly, Shankar thanked them.

In between the change in scene, I met Shankar and congratulated him
for his movies. He thanked me. Then, I asked him the ubiquetous
question which is in the mind of every Rajini fan: "Will Sivaji
come to theatres on April 14, 2007?"

What do you think he would have told me? Can you guess?

I will tell you Shankar's answer in my next mail.

With Luv,


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