Saturday, December 16, 2006

When will the audio of Sivaji release � Hot update

The most awaited film of 2007- Sivaji is nearing completion. With the post-production work going on in full swing, the next biggest question haunting the millions of fans world wide is about the audio launch.

No worries, "Yam erruka bayam aen!!".

Inside sources say that the audio launch of the film is most likely to be held in March 2007.
Director Shankar is calling the shots and doesn't want any kind of leads to be leaked out much before the release of the movie. They want to cash in on the hype that the audio release would create and release the movie within a month of the audio launch. Moreover, Shankar and Rahman are putting their hearts into the background score out of which one or two tracks might also be included in the album.

AVM is also contemplating of releasing the audio under their banner. Since they already have an audio label in their name, the process becomes easier. Added to that, there is a precedence of a great musical victory of Shankar-Rahman combination in 'Boys' few years back. This factor is also said to tilt the balance in their favor. The possibility of handing over the entire rights package for audio, film, overseas and satellite to one single company is also not ruled out.

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