Thursday, December 07, 2006

�Sivaji� is the cynosure at IFFI, Goa

The International Film Festival of India came to a close at Goa on Sunday.

As a festival, it was a grand success. Many wonderful foreign films were screened.

Apart from providing an opportunity for showcasing various talents, the film festivals are also becoming a spot for making business, especially by foreign buyers.

International buyers were at Goa in big numbers, to pick up Indian films.

Among the films, the most takers were for the AVM-produced Sivaji starring Rajinikanth.

All through the festival, the talk was on Sivaji. Most foreign buyers were keen on buying Sivaji.

In fact, it was Rajinikanth’s Chandramukhi which had opened new floodgates in terms of foreign market.

Chandramukhi was a big hit in South Africa. Apart from that it was a big success in hitherto unexpected places (for Tamil movies) like Germany.

So Rajini seems to be creating records after records.

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