Saturday, December 02, 2006

Wow! I saw Thalaivar in Sivaji shooting today


Today Sivaji movie shooting happened inside Big Bazaar show room
in Banashankari 3rd Stage in Bangalore.  Today morning around 11 AM
I went there with my friend.  Big Bazaar people had downed the main
entrance shutters as the show room was closed for public at that
time because of the shooting.  But one could see the generator vans,
which are used for shooting purposes, standing outside the
showroom.  Of course, a crowd of 100-odd people were standing on the
opposite platform controlled by traffic cops.

As luck would have it, we somehow managed to find our way inside the
show room in spite of the tight security, entry pass, etc.  Once
inside the show room where shooting was happening with many people
milling around, I saw a person who looked almost like a younger
Rajini.  At first I assumed he must be the dupe for Thalaivar.  But
on a second glance, I realised my mistake.  What a fool I was!  Whom
I was thinking as a young Rajini look-alike was in fact The Super
Star himself.

WOW Friends, Thalaivar was looking really stunning today at the
Sivaji shooting.  He simply did not look like his age at all.  He
was looking so young and lean that nobody could imagine that he has
already become a grand father.

As director Shankar was preparing for the shot, Thalaivar was
sitting in a chair with comedian Vivek and another person and
talking.  I was standing with the onlookers about 5 or 6 feet from
Thalaivar.  When Thalaivar turned his gaze towards where I was
standing, I smiled at him and by impulse gave him a Padayappa-like
salute.  Immediately, Thalaivar's face was lit up & he too smiled
back and saluted at me.  What a moment in my life.

Even in such a busy shooting schedule and amidst work tensions,
Thalaivar never forgets to acknowledge the ordinary fans' simple
wishes.  And his mere smile itself is enough for me for the next 10
years to cherish.  But he also gave me a bonus in the form of a
salute.  I am blessed.  My day was made then and there.

Long Live Rajini.  Let God Shower him with Peace of Mind and

I just wanted to share my happiness with you all.  Thanks.

With Luv,


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