Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Vairamuthu Show in Muscat & Sivaji News

Dear Friends,
I am in Muscat for the past 11 years. I recently attended the Vairamuthu show organised by the Muscat Tamil Sangam on 8/12/06 which was essentially a musical show with songs of Vairamuthu rendered by Mano and Sujata. There was a film shown on Vairamuthu's life and climb to success. This film ended with a Sivaji still of Annan(in the blue dress). The corresponding narration was  QUOTE : " Vairamuthu has been chosen as the song writer of the magnum opus Sivaji which will be released soon"
Vairamuthu in his speech talked about his entry to films, his association with Barathiraja, Illayaraja, MSV, KB, Maniratnam, Kamal and at last about Annan in Sivaji. He was very emotional and with a distinct loud and confident voice said QUOTE : " Sivaji will create history in Tamil cinema with regards to quality, collections and substance. Sivaji will be the greatest achievement for superstar Rajini and will be talked by people till Tamil cinema exists" UNQUOTE. He went on to narrate that QUOTE : "director Shankar asked for a love song and after several revisions spread over 2 months, the song was ready. The shoot was in Hyd. in a specially erected set of mirrors costing 2.5 crores. After the shoot was completed, Shankar called vairamuthu and requested him to change the song as the song lyrics did not match the mirror set erected. Vairamuthu rewote the song and the song was reshot. Such is the committment and detail to which Director Shankar is working for this movie. He asked the crowd to listen to this song after the audio release and confidently declared that this song will conquer each and every music lover in the world" UNQUOTE
Friends, as usual at every mention of our Annan's name and his stills, the crowd was in raptures and needless to say, I was on cloud nine. As regards the songs, the song "Kick Yerrudhe" and 2 other Annan's songs created the magic and the crowd whistled, danced and enjoyed thoroughly. I can clearly see the fans having great expectations and so eagerly awaiting the release of Sivaji.
After the show, I was wondering (as I have been wondering for the past 21 years) what is magic in Annan's name that a mere mention of it,  that too miles away from India sends a feeling of confidence, thrill, love and affection in the hearts of the fans. Perhaps it is because "Avan perukkule kaantham undu da". Long live Rajini and Best wishes to him on his B'day tommorrow. Best wishes to all the fans. Have a nice day and let us all pray for his good health and happiness tommorrow.
Love and Regards

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