Friday, April 13, 2007

Gripping 'Sivaji' Car Chase !!!

The 'Sivaji' unit proudly claims that such a fantastic car chase will not be seen in another 10 years of Tamil films, it is that gripping.

Every other day, some news or other about some grand thing in 'Sivaji' makes its way into the public. "One cannot judge 'Sivaji' on the basis of the films I have done so far. I have gone much beyond that," says even Shankar about his work in 'Sivaji.'

The song "sahara pookkal" is one of the highlights of the film. The whole thing has been picturised in a glass mansion. It was a great challenge not to have images of the camera, cameraman or other technicians in the footage. KV Anand has achieved that.

For the song "vaji vaji Sivaji..." art director Thota Tharani created a mansion of many levels. It is one of the grandest sets in Indian cinema. Shankar is confident the highly skilled work on the sets could earn Thota Tharani a national award.

The most remarkable element in the film is the car chase. About 30 Tata Sumos chasing Rajini has been filmed like a foreign blockbuster. It is commendable that stunt master Peter Haines and his assistants have risked their lives for this sequence. Even more surprising is the fact that Rajini has himself acted in this without resorting to a dupe.

"In the fight scenes, Rajini will give young actors a run for their money," says Shankar in praise.

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