Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Suman takes on Rajinikanth in Sivaji

Diehard fans of Rajinikanth would say that no one can take him on.

But that's not entirely correct, as actor Suman is doing just that in director Shankar's much-awaited film Sivaji.

Suman has acted in nearly 300 films, most of them in Telugu.

"He wanted someone with a screen image, perhaps that of a hero. He wanted someone with a soft face, who does not look villainish. A classy face. The main thing was the performance because this person has to perform opposite Rajinikanth," said Suman, Actor.

Playing the bad guy is a 180-degree about-turn for Suman whose beatific smile made his several mythological roles a hit with the audience.

Suman admits he was nervous considering Rajini's fans are not known to appreciate their demi-god being abused or bashed up on screen.

"It was Rajinikanth who encouraged me. I was a little hesitant. But Rajini told me not to feel embarrassed and gave me a lot of support. There are scenes where his fans are going to feel bad," said Suman, Actor.

Interestingly, 20-years-ago Rajini and Suman had acted as brothers in Thee, in which Suman played an upright police officer and Rajini the elder brother gone astray.
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Source : NDTV

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