Friday, April 20, 2007

TN crazy about Sivaji

he entire state of Tamil Nadu has been going crazy following the audio release of the Rajnikant-starrer Sivaji. Many were seen copying the hairstyle of the superstar after some pictures of the film was out while others spent their own money on CDs and cassettes and were generous enough to allow others to borrow them without any charge. Then there were some who sold the CDs in the black market for Rs.250. Nearly 80,000 CDs were sold out on the second day of the audio release, and there was a request for another one lakh CDs to meet the increasing demand. According to a source at the AVM, its audio distribution wing had supplied nearly five lakhs audio CDs and cassettes all over South India with an amazing response in Mumbai as well. More than 38000 CDs were sold in Kerala alone. It is for the very first time that an audio in a different language has sold in the state in such a huge number.
Incidentaly, there were reports of long queues outside shops waiting to purchase the audio of Sivaji. One man came with a mini CD player, listened to the songs outside the shop itself and even distributed sweets all around.
Meanwhile the digital versions of the seven songs of Sivaji are now available on more than 124 websites on the internet. They were supposedly leaked a few days before the formal audio launch.
In any case, Rajnikant has brought in a fresh lease of life to the audio market with his Sivaji making him the real superstar in the country!

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