Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sivaji bash costs a life

Sivaji's audio is breaking records after records. The film is also reported to be in the finishing stages with work on background score and sound effects going on. The release date is tentatively fixed on 17th of May. What else could be a better reason for a celebration? After all, the movie had been in the making for more than a year now.
Shankar made the call and threw a party to honor the sound recordists and engineers who had contributed towards success of the audio. The party was at the Shankar's 'Shanki' farmhouse at Neelankarai. Shankar, the name is synonymous with grandeur, not only in movies but also in personal life; the party which began during the late hours of April 4th went on till the wee hours of the next day.

Shankar, Superstar and AVM Saravanan though reported by few dailies as present in the party had not participated. "The party was more of a thanks giving event for the technicians involved in the audio and the re-recording of the movie", says a reliable insider.

Everyone present preferred to lose themselves in the joy of the moment. There must have been a generous offering of drinks as the events that took place later substantiate. Many of the guests were too intoxicated to drive home themselves and decided to put up at the farm house and leave in the morning after they had become sober. But, they woke up to a shocking sight late next morning. A person was found dead inside the swimming pool of the farm house. He was later identified as Sachidanandan @ Sachu (45), chief sound engineer by his assistant Lingam. The police were informed after the body was taken out of the pool. From the look of things, Sachidanandan had apparently fallen into the pool in a state of intoxication and was unable to call for any help. However the police have not given any official statement. The body was then sent to the Royappettah hospital for autopsy. The report is awaited. Sachidanandan is survivied by wife Kokila (35), daughter Revathy (11) and son Maithreyan (7).
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