Saturday, April 28, 2007

Waiting for Sivaji in the US

Rajni has no boundaries. Not only in India but even in far away US.

If his diehard fans in Tamil Nadu go crazy on his opening show, his US fans step out of Mercs and Chevys, and aren't bothered to wait at least two hours in the line-up to the ticket counters at movie theatres.

"We want the best possible seats in the theatre and not the ones in the front row," said one of them in an e-mail interview to this website's newspaper reporter.

With Rajni's Sivaji scheduled for release in May, Tamils in US are gearing up for D-Day. Neither have the producers of the film, AVM, announced the film's release nor is there any clear information on the number of prints being sent to US markets. But that has not stopped a good number of Rajni fans in Los Angeles and New York from already hunting for a Sivaji T-shirt to wear on opening day.

And the cinemas in these places are also witness to Tamil Nadu-like opening show frenzy. Whistles, paper streamers, rockets litter movie theatres, fans shout their head off with screams of Thalaiva (leader) when Rajni appears on the screen.

Familiar scenes. Only, these people do it with a distinct American accent.

Rajaram Swaminathan, a software professional in Minneapolis says that Rajni films alone knit NRIs together. "Part of the fun is in going out together, with 'not just friends, but also our kids who are pretty much into local stuff."

Chicago-based Ram Thiruvengadam is not a movie buff but he sure made it to the theatre for the mega blockbuster Chandramukhi and plans to catch the Sivaji action too.

Senthil a financial analyst 're-visits' a Rajni film. "The first trip is to soak up the atmo. The second to catch up on the movie," he adds. "We may be far away, but a Rajni film is part of an event in everybody's life here," says New Jersey based Dr Harini.

Charisma truly knows no boundaries.

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