Monday, April 09, 2007

New Giant hoarding by fans in Anna Nagar

In Chennai city and other parts of Tamil Nadu, many hoardings of Sivaji are cropping up in many parts here and there.

Though there are many political parties' hoardings in City in many parts  - they are kept because of the concerned political power or money power or out of earnings by those political personalities.

But Superstar's fans are placing hoardings purely out of love they have towards him and with their own hard earned money. We don't have any polictical party or support or even support from Rajini.

Despite this, fans are fanatic.

Yesterday a giant hoarding was placed in Poonamalee High Road, Near NSK Nagar Bus Stop and Anna Nagar Arch.

I came to know about this and informed press persons to comeover there and cover the events.

Meanwhile a group of University of London students are camping in Chennai for their research and documentary on Superstar and his fans. Our member Neela Narayanan introduced them to me and i asked them to come to the hoarding inauguration ceremony so as we will be able cover the events as double delight. And also informed press to take coverage about this and publish.

Today Maalai malar will be publishing a special article with ample coverage on this.

Will update u further.

Pls check the photographs of the event in the following link:

File names: Anna Nagar Hoarding 1 to 5.jpg


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