Saturday, April 28, 2007

Rajini's Sivaji creating terror

  The much awaited Rajinikanth's movie 'Sivaji' is creating panic and fear in the film circle.
Many Tamil filmmakers are either postponing or scheduling their projects in view of the huge release of 'Sivaji'. However with the movie release being postponed every day, it seems to create further tension to other filmmakers who are eager to release their own projects.
However no one seems to be in a mood to risk releasing their movies against 'Sivaji'. Its not just the small filmmakers but even bigger movie productions are of the same opinion. In fact, top star Vikram's movie 'Bheema' is also in the same situation. Its director Lingaswamy does not want to release it ahead of Sivaji and prefers to wait. "Why want to compete with Sivaji?" he quips.

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Waiting for Sivaji in the US

Rajni has no boundaries. Not only in India but even in far away US.

If his diehard fans in Tamil Nadu go crazy on his opening show, his US fans step out of Mercs and Chevys, and aren't bothered to wait at least two hours in the line-up to the ticket counters at movie theatres.

"We want the best possible seats in the theatre and not the ones in the front row," said one of them in an e-mail interview to this website's newspaper reporter.

With Rajni's Sivaji scheduled for release in May, Tamils in US are gearing up for D-Day. Neither have the producers of the film, AVM, announced the film's release nor is there any clear information on the number of prints being sent to US markets. But that has not stopped a good number of Rajni fans in Los Angeles and New York from already hunting for a Sivaji T-shirt to wear on opening day.

And the cinemas in these places are also witness to Tamil Nadu-like opening show frenzy. Whistles, paper streamers, rockets litter movie theatres, fans shout their head off with screams of Thalaiva (leader) when Rajni appears on the screen.

Familiar scenes. Only, these people do it with a distinct American accent.

Rajaram Swaminathan, a software professional in Minneapolis says that Rajni films alone knit NRIs together. "Part of the fun is in going out together, with 'not just friends, but also our kids who are pretty much into local stuff."

Chicago-based Ram Thiruvengadam is not a movie buff but he sure made it to the theatre for the mega blockbuster Chandramukhi and plans to catch the Sivaji action too.

Senthil a financial analyst 're-visits' a Rajni film. "The first trip is to soak up the atmo. The second to catch up on the movie," he adds. "We may be far away, but a Rajni film is part of an event in everybody's life here," says New Jersey based Dr Harini.

Charisma truly knows no boundaries.

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Ajith's Kreedam postphoned due to Sivaji release

Ajit's birthday on May 1 was to be celebrated with a lot of fanfare with the release of his Kireedam. However producer Suresh Balaji has now taken a decision not to release the film immediately, as it may clash with the release of Superstar Rajnikanth's Sivaji.
As per unconfirmed trade reports Sivaji is likely to release on May 17, and all the leading theatres in Tamilnadu wants to play the film. So the exhibitors do not want any other film to take unnecessary risk a fortnight before or after its release and clash with the titan. In all probability depending on Sivaji release, Kireedam may release only in June.
When contacted Suresh Balaji confirmed the news and says: "All postproduction work is complete and the film is ready for release. But I think, we should not release the film prior to the release of the most eagerly awaited film of the year. So we will take a call on the Kireedam release only after consulting our distributors and after Sivaji release dates are announced."

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Naan Kanda Sivaji :::: Comedian Vivek !!!


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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Simbu Spoke to Rajini about Sivaji film

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Suman takes on Rajinikanth in Sivaji

Diehard fans of Rajinikanth would say that no one can take him on.

But that's not entirely correct, as actor Suman is doing just that in director Shankar's much-awaited film Sivaji.

Suman has acted in nearly 300 films, most of them in Telugu.

"He wanted someone with a screen image, perhaps that of a hero. He wanted someone with a soft face, who does not look villainish. A classy face. The main thing was the performance because this person has to perform opposite Rajinikanth," said Suman, Actor.

Playing the bad guy is a 180-degree about-turn for Suman whose beatific smile made his several mythological roles a hit with the audience.

Suman admits he was nervous considering Rajini's fans are not known to appreciate their demi-god being abused or bashed up on screen.

"It was Rajinikanth who encouraged me. I was a little hesitant. But Rajini told me not to feel embarrassed and gave me a lot of support. There are scenes where his fans are going to feel bad," said Suman, Actor.

Interestingly, 20-years-ago Rajini and Suman had acted as brothers in Thee, in which Suman played an upright police officer and Rajini the elder brother gone astray.
To watch the video :
Source : NDTV

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sivakasi Fans Distributed Sivaji Audio CD to Bus Conductors!

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Friday, April 20, 2007

TN crazy about Sivaji

he entire state of Tamil Nadu has been going crazy following the audio release of the Rajnikant-starrer Sivaji. Many were seen copying the hairstyle of the superstar after some pictures of the film was out while others spent their own money on CDs and cassettes and were generous enough to allow others to borrow them without any charge. Then there were some who sold the CDs in the black market for Rs.250. Nearly 80,000 CDs were sold out on the second day of the audio release, and there was a request for another one lakh CDs to meet the increasing demand. According to a source at the AVM, its audio distribution wing had supplied nearly five lakhs audio CDs and cassettes all over South India with an amazing response in Mumbai as well. More than 38000 CDs were sold in Kerala alone. It is for the very first time that an audio in a different language has sold in the state in such a huge number.
Incidentaly, there were reports of long queues outside shops waiting to purchase the audio of Sivaji. One man came with a mini CD player, listened to the songs outside the shop itself and even distributed sweets all around.
Meanwhile the digital versions of the seven songs of Sivaji are now available on more than 124 websites on the internet. They were supposedly leaked a few days before the formal audio launch.
In any case, Rajnikant has brought in a fresh lease of life to the audio market with his Sivaji making him the real superstar in the country!

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Rahman casts spell again with 'Sivaji'

Hyderabad, April 20 Music wizard A.R. Rahmam casts his magic spell again with the Telugu version of 'Sivaji'. It tops the list this fortnight.

The top five Telugu albums are:

1. 'Sivaji' - The songs 'Style' and 'Sahara' represent the versatility of the renowned composer.

2. 'Munna' - Hit composer Harris Jayaraj has delivered another peppy album to enchant Telugu music lovers yet again. 'Baaga baga' and 'Chamukuro' are particularly catchy.

3. 'Adavari Matalaku Ardhale Verule' - Composer Yuvan Shankar Raja teams up with actor Venkatesh for the first time and has done a good job. 'O baby' and 'Manasa manichamma' stand out.

4. 'Classmates' - Director Vijayabhaskar and composer Koti, who churned out hits like 'Malliswari', joined hands once again for the film. 'Gundechatuga' and 'Mounamenduku' are already hit numbers.

5. 'Bharani' - Yuvan Shankar Raja's Tamil hit has been received well in Telugu. 'Simhadri appanna' and 'Sayya sayya' are commendable.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Talk to the Boss

Rajnikanth plays a mean tune in Sivaji: The Boss.
Rajnikanth plays a mean tune in Sivaji: The Boss.

Much-anticipated Tamil movie Sivaji: The Boss, reputed to be the most expensive film made in India, will be screened in digital format across Malaysia.

PYRAMID Saimira Theatre Chain (M) Sdn Bhd, which has more than 42 cinemas in Malaysia, is spending RM10 million to digitalise them — all before the middle of next month.

Its haste is understandable as the company has bought the rights of the eagerly awaited Tamil movie Sivaji: The Boss, starring southern India's "superstar" Rajnikanth and wants to release the movie in digital format simultaneously in all its cinemas in Malaysia.

The RM50 million movie, said to be the costliest in India, is expected to be another milestone in the careers of Rajnikanth and director S. Shankar (who has delivered eight back-to-back blockbusters which have received critical acclaim).

The film was supposed to have had a grand opening in conjunction with the Tamil New Year last Saturday but it has been delayed for post-production work by Shankar who is known to be a perfectionist.
The movie, with lead actress Shriya and music composed by A.R. Rahman, is about how Rajnikanth fights to open a university providing affordable education in India. Others in the movie, also being released in Telugu, are Vivek, Suman, Manivannan and Revathi.

Rajnikanth's last movie, Chandramukhi (released in 2005) was directed by P. Vasu and was a runaway success grossing RM160 million worldwide.

P. S. Saminathan, managing director of Pyramid Saimira Theatre India and director of the Malaysian company, declined to reveal how much they had paid for the movie's rights but said it was "costliest Indian film ever" to be shown in Malaysia. He expected it to gross as much as a Hollywood movie in the local circuit.

"By releasing it in digital format, we can have 30 to 40 per cent cost savings as each print of a movie usually costs RM5,000. We can open big in more theatres simultaneously, even in rural areas.

"Since the film is in digital format, it is encrypted and we can beat the pirates as it can't be copied in theatres. This will encourage people to watch the movie in cinemas."

The company has 350 theatres in India, 150 of which can show movies in both digital and reel format.

Pyramid Saimira Theatre Ltd (India) chairman V. Natrajan announced that its Malaysian entity would be producing Malay movie Berikan Hatimu, starring Saiful Apek, Fasha Sandha and Yassin. The romantic comedy will be directed by Associate Professor A. Razak Mohaideen. Work will begin in June and the film is expected to hit the screens in digital format by September.

The company intends to to produce six movies a year at a cost of RM175,000 each.

Natrajan said they also planned to make a Tamil movie in Malaysia in June. The hero will be from India while the rest of the cast and crew will be from Malaysia. It will also be shown in India.

Pyramid Saimira Theatre Chain chairman Vell Pari said the company was in talks to produce and distribute Chinese movies too. He expected the company's first Chinese movie to be screened in December.
Malaysian English Paper :

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Rajini performs special Pooja for Shivaji

Here is the latest news related to Shivaji. Rajini and Shankar have performed special poojas and holy yagam at his Poes Garden house to protect his film Shivaji from the evil forces.

Rajini feels insecure after the latest happenings at the Shivaji party hosted recently. It was at the time of Baba's release that Rajini's guru Sachidhananda Maharaaj Baba died. Actually Rajini had thought that Guru Baba will be pleased to see his film Baba. But before the film's release, Sachidhananda Baba passed away due to cardiac arrest, so Rajni was pretty upset, and subsequently the film went back to the black box soon after its release. Now the worrying factor is, the person who died at the Shivaji get-together function also had the name Sachidhananda. So Rajini is pretty confused about the situation and he feels that the time is not suitable for the film's release.

To avoid any further unwanted things to happen before the release of Shivaji, Rajini has performed these poojas in his house. Sources say that the director of the film, Shankar, also attended this pooja. At the same time, Rajni has shaved off his mustache, claiming that he has finished his part in Shivaji. The director, Shankar, is busy with its post-production work and it may also get finished soon.

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Director Shankar Interview English Transcript

Host:  Happy New Year greetings to all of our Sun TV viewers across the globe and with regards to those viewers spanning the globe, there seems to be only one thing they are endlessly chatting about nowadays and the reason behind that is Director Shankar and now we are going to meet him, come on….!  (Shooting Clips Shown)
Host:  How have you made the whole of Tamil Nadu to talk ceaselessly Sir?
Shankar:  (Laughs) We are just doing our job and that job has transcended beyond even ourselves. (Laughs)
Host:  And now after the release of the Sivaji songs, the anticipation has grown even more?
Shankar:  Yes.
Host:  Now even when you were taking the Mudhalvan movie, it seemed that the both of you (Shankar & Rajni) were going to come together for a film, and then why the gap in between and now why has it finally materialized in Sivaji?
Shankar:  We have met and spoken on numerous occasions, but I think this is the right time; everything has come together correctly, the script…umm…just everything, all things have fallen into place and because of that we started the movie.  (Shooting Clips Shown)
Host:  Sir, do you typically get the story ready and then chose the appropriate lead star for it – what is your system for this?
Shankar:  Generally, we get the story ready and choose a star who is more apt and suiting for that role.  In all of my stories, such as Kadhalan, Jeans and other such lighter love movies, you can see a certain super heroism, larger than life…you can see those types of characters; those have become super hero driven stories.  If you take any of those, whether Rajni Sir had starred or whether Kamal Sir had starred, they would have been excellent.  So that is the question of whether we begin with an artist or whether we begin with a story…but in terms of this movie (Sivaji), I was thinking about Rajni Sir when I came up with this story. (Shooting Clips Shown)
Host:  So from the beginning you had this story in mind for him?
Shankar:  Yea, this story came about with him in mind.
Host:  Then, when you make a movie with Rajni and because he is a Superstar, did you feel a lot of pressure?  Such as: should there be a certain kind of buildup?  Did you have any pressure since you knew you were creating a story for a Superstar?
Shankar:  There was both pressure and jolliness.  Because there are certain expectations of him in movies, you have to satisfy those requirements.  And another thing, because he is there, there are certain advantages, for instance you cannot take on certain issues with some other because of that, there are no limits to my creative imagination, but if I placed those same issues on all artists it just would not work out, so when I approach these issues with him there it is be quite interesting…for example, in the "Athiradee" song, you can witness what I'm saying, you cannot do all of those things we have done in the song with any other hero…so there are many plus points like that, but of course there are pressures as well, for instance you cannot change him too much, but then again, people also expect to see some change in my movies…so essentially, you have to give and not give…have to reach a certain balance, so it was both enjoyable and demanding, but finally, I think have solved those issues. (Shooting Clips Shown)        
Host:  You are known as being a super director and if we take all of your past movies, you can clearly see a sort of Shankar stamp on all of them and in the same way, we can clearly distinguish a Rajni movie from other films, so if we look at it that way and now that the both of you are collaborating together – this Sivaji movie is whose movie?
Shankar:  They say this is a "Ra-Shankar-jni" formula.  (Laughs) No, but seriously, for those viewers who are coming expecting a Rajni movie, they will see Rajni Sir's formula and for those coming to see a Shankar movie, they will see Shankar's formula and on top of that, for those fans who are coming to see what a combination of the two would be, even they will be fulfilled, so I have maintained that balance appropriately.  (Shooting Clips Shown)
Host:  Sir, now in this movie from all the things we have seen, Rajni Sir looks very youthful, how did you accomplish this?
Shankar:  For his character in this movie, we thought a lot about his get-ups and what would look good and like I said before, we cannot change Rajni Sir too much since when people think of Rajni Sir, a certain image registers in their minds, so we cannot change him too much, but we have to bring a tiny bit of change and so we thought about ways to make him look pleasing and we went about gathering stills from his previous movies which we thought would be apt for the character he plays in Sivaji and then we short listed and short listed until we came up with get-ups which perfectly fit his role in the movie.  And then we went about procuring the wigs and make-up necessary to reproducing the selected get-ups and we did numerous fittings and only at the last minute did we get the type of wigs and looks we were aiming for…for the village look we used the Muratui Kaalai get-up and for the city look we used the Billa get-up.
Host:  Now when you were doing all of this research were you and your team the only ones doing it or was he (Rajni) also involved?
Shankar:  No he turned over the responsibility to me after hearing what I had to say about what would look good for the movie…after seeing the stills and wigs we came up with and seeing that it was all correct, he was quite happy.
Host:  As you were working on this film, did you ever feel at any moment any regrets about not having worked with him before in the past?
Shankar:  No, nothing like that…I mean everyone who has worked with him always feel like working with him again and also they regret not working with him in the past, those thoughts are always there…because Rajni Sir is even more cooperative than a new face in the industry for comparison, he is so flexible, he is so disciplined, he is so sincere…I'm not just saying that because everyone always says that, but as I have been working with him in the past year, I have seen it personally.  There are many things to be learnt from him by all the new up and coming artists…I have not seen any person who has dedicated everything to cinema with total sincerity, dedication, flexibility and humility like him.  So he really really is a great artist.  (Shooting Clips Shown)
Host:  Now as you have stated how Rajni has dedicated himself to cinema, in the same vein you can say Kamal has also done the same and you have worked with him before (in Indian)…so after working with two artists considered to be two living legends of Tamil cinema,  what are your experiences?
Shankar:  There are many similarities between the two…like I said sincerity…they both sincerely have dedicated themselves to cinema, the discipline…the notion that cinema is important and it should turn out well.  So in these issues, they both have many parallels.  For instance, if you take Kamal Sir, when I'm reading the script to him, he would be casually glancing at me, observing how I read, watching how I modulate the dialogues and he would be reading as I went along as well; after reading it through he would say 'ok' and leave.  Then he would discuss the script, make any amendments and then when the time for the shooting arrives, he would deliver whatever I expected of him and more often than not, he would exceed my own expectations.  So in the same way when you look at Rajni Sir, when I'm reading a scene he would be watching intently as how I'm reading it and then he would leave when I'm  finished.  And when the time for shooting arrives he would fulfill and exceed my own expectations tremendously by adding his own uniqueness, likewise Kamal Sir. 
Host:  So Sir, you were discussing Kamal and Rajni and how they always got the performance right after reading through the scenes with them, but would it not be better if you acted it out for them?
Shankar:  No, I mean as I'm reading the scene they understand what I'm asking for in terms of modulation and since I read the complete script to them thoroughly beforehand, they have already absorbed the character they are playing.  So as we go through the scenes, they fully comprehend what my expectations are…95% of the time they get it right and in the remaining 5%, if their performance does not fit with my own vision for the particular scene, then I will explain it to them and they will do it the way I told them to, so there is not an issue there.
Host:  But there is also the supporting cast and how will you demonstrate to them what your expectations are in terms of acting?
Shankar:  First I will read the scene to them and will ask them to perform it for me…and as they are acting it out, if they extemporaneously come up with something new and if it is good, I will keep it and if I'm not satisfied with what they do, then I will perform it for them and they will do it.
Host:  I ask all of this because didn't you originally come into the industry wishing to act and do you still have any desires like that?
Shankar:  Hey I have acted in Sivaji itself (Laughs), I only said that for comedy's sake, but I'm there only for one shot in the "Balleilakka" song, so don't get too scared about my acting in the movie. (Laughs)  So it was just simply a casual appearance I did for the fun of it.
Host:  So no real plans to act?
Shankar:  No no, because the director Shankar is more attuned and principled to the integrity of the script than the actor Shankar, so during casting time for example, director Shankar is quite strict in choosing the best and most appropriate people to play the roles and so when you look at it that way, director Shankar does not easily allow actor Shankar to perform (Laughs)…he would say to actor Shankar that he is a miscast and to go away.  (Laughs) (Shooting Clips Shown)
Host:  When you are looking at it, between the release of Boys and Anniyan there was a gap and after it there was another gap and now you have once again reunited with A.R. Rahman for Sivaji, so how did this combination work out?
Shankar:  This is not new to us; we have a very good relationship as we have been working together for a long time since 1993…our relationship is not purely an occupational relationship as we work together as good friends.
Host:  Did he not ask you why you did not choose him for Anniyan?
Shankar:  No, he would not ask something like that at all…he is really a sweet person…since we have collaborated together on many projects in the past, he knows what kind of tastes I have and look for, so for example, when he is composing songs for other movies besides mine, if he comes across a tune which he knows I would like, he would put that aside for me…if I hear a song on an audio cd he has composed for a movie and when I convey to him my fondness for it, he would teasingly tell me he knew in the back of his mind that I would…so in that way, we have a certain understanding.  Even if you take this movie Sivaji for example, the "Style" song was something he spontaneously came up with and he immediately saved it for me and once he showed it to me, I approved of it instantly.  (Shooting Clips Shown)
Host:  Sir, when the name Rajni is merely mentioned, even little children know that style is synonymous with it, so now you have even included a song titled "Style", so what are the new styles you have introduced there?
Shankar:  In this movie, many people will be expecting a lot from Rajni Sir, his styles, etc.  So we have come up with many new styles and he has done it and they all have come out very well…it will be quite a treat for the fans of Rajni Sir…we have also used his usual styles in various different ways, so there will be no dearth of style in this movie. (Laughs)  You see, you have gotten the basic concept itself, where there is Rajni, there is style…so when we say it, you know, the dressing styles, the hair styles, the sunglass styles…even backdrop styles and taking styles, just in all the different areas when we approach this movie within the confines of style itself as a premise, you will clearly see a difference in a positive way.  For instance, the backgrounds and locations are stylish, so if you look at the shootings from Spain, you will see different things…
Host:  Which places have you traveled for this movie?
Shankar:  We went to Spain, Pune, Hyderabad
Host:  So now that director Shankar, Superstar Rajnikanth and music director A.R. Rahman have combined together for a movie, many people are saying one thing or another about the movie's story, etc., so now we ask you directly what the real secret behind Sivaji is?
Shankar:  Actually this is a story about someone who aspires to do something good and the difficulties encountered when trying to do so…you see, whenever someone tries to do something good, no one will come to help that person, but there will always be many people trying to block it, ruin it or to give trouble.  Some people even drop the idea of doing something good and go back to their own lives because of the obstacles and barriers they have to face by saying something along the lines of 'do I really need to go through all of these unnecessary problems?'.  But the essence of this story is about someone who above all odds, perseveres against all of these adversities and is victorious in his endeavors.  If you take a look at the first half of the movie, it will flow with much comedy and lighter situations and the story will also flow along the same track and if you look at the second half, it is just pure unexpected surprises…so the first half will have a different taste and the second will have another.  What else can I tell you besides this? (Laughs)
Host:  Sir you can even tell us what the first scene is and we will gladly listen.
Shankar:  Oh sure I will definitely tell you the story, starting from scene number one…that is, the day after the release of the movie.  (Laughs)
Host:  Sir, in all of your movies there is always some message within the story; do you think those messages are reaching the people?
Shankar:  Definitely…before when I was starting out in the beginning I did not have much faith whether the message I was trying to articulate through my movies reached the know, they would watch the movie and then forget about it…but after Indian for example, I felt a certain awareness about accepting bribes in the society, after Mudhalvan, just like how the typewriter was utilized in the movie, certain people, such as collectors and government officials for example, do the same thing by giving suspensions and taking immediate action on the spot by bringing a typewriter with them…so after reading these things in newspapers and periodicals, a belief that you can make a difference through the medium of cinema was instilled in me.  After Anniyan, I have also seen more people adhering to the traffic rules- such as stopping at the line at a yellow signal, staying behind the yellow line at a stop, not spitting in public, etc., many people have called me and told me so…even when I look at my own road, I can witness better traffic discipline…so whether substantial change occurs or not, I can still feel a certain consciousness about those messages.
Host:  Is there a message within Sivaji also?
Shankar:  Certainly, we have incorporated a good message in this movie as well…you see, our country's economy is currently flourishing and growing…if you take a look at the currency market, the Indian rupee was valued at 47 rupees to 1 American dollar, but now the rate is 43 to in this movie, what we are trying to say is that if the wealth our economic engine creates goes to the right places, then we can make many beneficial changes to our country…so it is a very good message we convey in the movie and I'm confident it will work out.  (Shooting Clips Shown)
Host:  Sir, when you say the name Rajni, there will be some sort of punch dialogue that can go along with it;  he has always used them in his movies…are there any punch dialogues in Sivaji?
Shankar:  For example, 'Sachin adicha sixer thaanda, Sivaji adicha puncture thaanda, Singam kooda jujubi thaanda, Sivaji vaayil jilebi thaanda', so there will be punch dialogues, but they will be in the songs…it will be a theme type, so there will be punch dialogues in the movie; we just have changed it a bit, it will be different, but when you watch the movie you will see how it fits.
Host:  You just were talking about "Sivaji vaayil jilebi thaana' and so it leads to this question, normally Rajni is known for his cigarette smoking and gimmickry on screen, but now because he does not do that, what has he done in this movie?
Shankar:  Watch the movie and you will see (Laughs)…if I tell you now the thrill will be gone.  (Shooting Clips Shown)
Host:  Now finally to all of those viewers across the globe, what do you wish to say?
Shankar:  Happy Tamil New Years.  One request I have for all of you is that you watch Sivaji and other movies in the theaters and not on pirated discs…many people have put their best efforts and talents as well as invest much money in creating these movies and so it would be wrong to waste that…that is the only thing I ask of you.  Thank you.   

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Shriya goes ga-ga on `Sivaji` audio

Shriya Saran cannot stopping talking about the songs in Sivaji. Says Shriya, who was shooting a song with Vijay in Karaikudi for Azhagiya Tamil Magan (ATM) : "I'm a big Rahman fan and when I heard the Sivaji songs for the first time at the shoot I just went crazy about them. Believe me, the way Shankar Sir has shot the songs, along with Rajni Sir's dance movements, they are sure to be rocking."
Shriya says that one of the high points of her career will be that she danced with the superstar to the tune of A.R Rahman whom she calls "the Mozart of Indian film music". She features in five out of the six songs in the film. Says Shriya: "I'm there in all the songs, except Ballelika…., the introductory song."
When asked about her favourite song in the album, Shriya says: "I like all the songs and the way they are picturised. I'm sure that the songs will become bigger once the film releases and the channels popularize them. If you were to ask me my favourite song it is Vaaji, Vaaji, , the title song." Shriya refused to talk further on the songs, as she feels the film and its presentation will talk for itself.
Ever since the shoot, she has been humming the Sivaji songs. Now that the album is out, she has all the songs on her ipod, and hears it during her breaks.

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Gripping 'Sivaji' Car Chase !!!

The 'Sivaji' unit proudly claims that such a fantastic car chase will not be seen in another 10 years of Tamil films, it is that gripping.

Every other day, some news or other about some grand thing in 'Sivaji' makes its way into the public. "One cannot judge 'Sivaji' on the basis of the films I have done so far. I have gone much beyond that," says even Shankar about his work in 'Sivaji.'

The song "sahara pookkal" is one of the highlights of the film. The whole thing has been picturised in a glass mansion. It was a great challenge not to have images of the camera, cameraman or other technicians in the footage. KV Anand has achieved that.

For the song "vaji vaji Sivaji..." art director Thota Tharani created a mansion of many levels. It is one of the grandest sets in Indian cinema. Shankar is confident the highly skilled work on the sets could earn Thota Tharani a national award.

The most remarkable element in the film is the car chase. About 30 Tata Sumos chasing Rajini has been filmed like a foreign blockbuster. It is commendable that stunt master Peter Haines and his assistants have risked their lives for this sequence. Even more surprising is the fact that Rajini has himself acted in this without resorting to a dupe.

"In the fight scenes, Rajini will give young actors a run for their money," says Shankar in praise.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

50 Lakhs for Sivaji Wallpapers & Ringtones within 3 days


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Sivaji Audio Review by Sify

Sivaji-Audio review
Rajnikanth, Shriya
By Moviebuzz
A.R Rahman and Shankar have struck gold with the Sivaji audio album. They have the right mix of peppy and innovative numbers along with the right sounds and lyrics which are sure to please the mass audience of the superstar. Straight off the bat, it is the best ever album of one of the greatest combinations in Tamil Cinema- Rajnikanth and Rahman (R &R). They have worked together in Muthu, Padayappa and Baba, but here for the first time, Shankar, the showman of Tamil cinema joins the team. The trio has come out with music that is far superior, to the earlier works of the duo.
Rahman, the maestro in private has always said that he combines best with Mani Ratnam and Shankar, because both of them are excellent visualisers . How the song comes on screen is as important for them as the composition. Shankar believes that songs are one of the most important ingredients of commercial cinema and he makes no bones about the fact that he loves to make picture perfect song and dance sequences. He has a story board for his song picturisations, including a colour scheme, detailing of costumes and the dancers including the choreography and the lighting to be used!
Right from his Gentlemandays, he struck a rapport with Rahman and always goes out of the studios to a quiet place where they take days to compose the tunes. Later they sit with the lyric writer and make suitable changes to fit in with the mood of the film. In Sivaji's case it is obvious that Rajnikanth also played a crucial role and must have contributed some inputs, which have gone a long way to make the songs energetic. Well, Shankar's contribution will be known once the song videos are shown in the channels, which will further popularise the numbers.
The album kicks off with Balleilakka….. rendered by SPB, Rahanah Benny and chorus. The song (6.06) is said to be the introductory number of Rajnikanth, which makes it very important. Traditionally it is supposed to give goose-bump inducing effect to the superstar's fans, who will throw flowers and at times money on the screen. It has to be a fast number and normally SPB sings it.
Lyric writer Na. Muthukumar starts the song with the opening line-" Sooriyano Chandirano. Yaar ivano sattena sollu" and goes on to hype the mass image of the superstar. The superstar as a champion of Tamils – " Cauvery aarum kaikuthai arisiyum marandhupoguma"( Can we forget river Cauvery and the pounded rice). The hero can transform the state into another America- " Annan vandhal Tamilnadu America agum. In the film Rajnikanth is coming back from US and is trying to change our system. In the song he also makes suggestions like Koovum cell phone-in nacharaippai anaithu, konjam silvandin ucharippai ketkom.. (switch off your nagging cell phones and listen to nature's sounds). Rajni has never been spotted with a mobile in public!
On the whole, the fast number with drum beats in the background is racy and vibrant, thanks to SPB. Like Mukesh was the voice of Raj Kapoor or Mohammed Rafi was to Shammi Kapoor and Kishore Kumar was to Rajesh Khanna, SPB is to Rajnikanth- Who can say so fast Sadugudu, Sadugudu…? This number is better than R&R's earlier Oruvan, Oruvan Muthalali… with all its drum beats, as an introductory song.
This is followed by the racy track Style.. with a guitar base, sung by Rags, Tanvi, Suresh Peters and Blaaze. The song written by Pa. Vijay wants to establish the fact that Rajni is the original styleMannan of Tamil cinema. The song is western in feel, though it breaks into chaste Tamil to characterize the superstar. Some innovative lyrics, which the purist will yell, but children will make it their anthem- Oru koodai sunlight..
The third song in the album Sahana Saral Thoovuthu … is the pick of the lot, clearly vintage .A.R Rahman has it rendered in the catchy voice of Udit Narayanan and Chinmayi. It is a beautiful melody, written by Vairamuthu with the use of Rahman and Shankar's favourite Indian instrument the Mridangam, with the maestro himself singing the dheem thana dheem thana bit. Purists may be critical of Udit's Tamil pronunciation, but it adds to the final mix. Chinmayi is fabulous. (Why is she not given more chances?). This number is going to be the chartbuster and also the top ring tone in the coming days.
A sad version of Sahana… sung by Vijay Yesudas and Gomathy Sree is there in the CD, only a one-line bit is there in the cassette. What make the sad version so good is the flute and the humming of Vijay. This song may give Vijay the big ticket to playback singing. Next is the all important title song Vaaji, vaaji… sung by Hariharan and Madhusree. It is comparatively a slow melody written by Vairamuthu with a rhythmic beat, that picks up as the number progresses.
The mood and the music changes drastically in the next number, by one of Rahman's favourites Blaaze, Naresh Iyer and Raqueeb Alam with The Boss a loud rap number. This we are sure would be a sort of theme music of the film, with deft camera movement as we follow the superstar. Lyrics written by Na. Muthukumar are inane like Sachin adicha sixer, Sivaji adicha puncher daanada !! Obviously it is another song to hype the superstar's larger than- life image.
Finally the last song in the album is Athiradee sung by the maestro and Sayanora. The grand old man of Tamil songs Vaali is playing to the galleries. Last time in Chandramukhi Vaali wrote what many people thought was the most popular number in the movie, which had many populist lines. So here he has made it even more funky with Thee, thee, jagajyothee, jagajyothee. Billa, Ranga, Baasha dhan ivan pistol pesum …, giving our superstar a macho image, to attract the youth audience. Vaali also tries rhyming 'castro' with 'maestro'. This will be a hot dance number in the discos. Rahman has done a R.D Burman (he is a big fan of Panchim da) style rendition, with some voice modulation.
To sum it up Sivaji is one of the best albums of A.R Rahman- Shankar combination, which is sure to be lapped up by the superstar's fans.
Verdict- R O C K I N G !

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Background score for 'Sivaji' mixed in London!

'Sivaji' audio sales is going great guns. On the Internet
also, 'Sivaji' songs are the most downloaded. 'Sivaji' songs are
blaring out from the corner shop to the star hotels.

Shankar has seen to it that 'Sivaji' should be the most excellent in
Tamil films as far as cinematography, stunts, art, editing and songs
are concerned. So, could the background score be far behind? So
Shankar is after AR Rehman to create waves with the background music

Rehman has been getting his music in Chennai, Mumbai and so on. Now,
work is on to get the music together in London where facilities are
most favorable. Moreover, as far as his music work is concerned, AR
Rehman does his important work in London.

'Sivaji' re-recording has happened in Paraguay also. As Rehman is
working on his music in various places around the world,
expectations are high.

If the background score is also released as a CD, maybe the audio
sales will create another record.
Source : Cinesouth

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mobile treat for Rajinikanth fans

Rajinikanth's tunes have taken mobile phone users by storm in Tamil Nadu.

While the release of his film Sivaji has now been slated for May against the earlier April plan, ring tones and true tones of all seven songs of the movie have brought some cheer to his fans.

Just within three days of its launch, close to a lakh and fifty thousand downloads have been made and the figure just keeps rising by the hour.

The superstar is invading computers as well in the form of wall papers and screen savers. This venture alone has reportedly fetched the producers a whopping Rs 50 lakh and the promoters say the best is yet to come.

"If the movie has got some punchy dialogues, won't fans be happy? We are trying to come up with something like that," said C R Venkatesh, CEO, Galatta.Com.

While there is so much of hype around Rajinikanth's Sivaji, brand Rajini is turning into a trendsetter in mobile entertainment.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Coke - the official partner for Sivaji? Look at this picture!!!

When i was passing nearby Luz Corner, Mylapore i was fascinated by a small hoarding of a cool drinks shop. The hoarding is of Coke and Superstar.

Excellent hoarding. Just all of you came for a while in my  mind. And whatelse, switched off my byke and took a snap and also enquired the shop owner whether he placed this or Coke itself placed? HE replied that it was Coke's.

So, COke is official partner. I would be happy if Coke is just one among channel partners for Sivaji like Sunfeast for Chandramukhi. The major partner can be Hutch, Airtel, Reliance, Aircel or Tata itself.

Just wait for more updates. I have enquired this with some reliable sources......
Special Correspondent

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New Indian Express : The Rajini Factor

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Rediff : Here comes Sivaji, the Boss

The stills of Rajnikanth's Sivaji have finally been officially released. Though director Shankar and producer AVM tried to keep Rajni's and heroine Shriya Saran's looks a secret, the pictures had been leaked despite the heavy security on the film's sets.
Shankar had banned his crew members from entering the sets with mobile phones and cameras.
But the most embarrassing moment for the filmmakers were when three of the film's songs appeared on the Internet a few days before the music release!

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Monday, April 09, 2007

New Giant hoarding by fans in Anna Nagar

In Chennai city and other parts of Tamil Nadu, many hoardings of Sivaji are cropping up in many parts here and there.

Though there are many political parties' hoardings in City in many parts  - they are kept because of the concerned political power or money power or out of earnings by those political personalities.

But Superstar's fans are placing hoardings purely out of love they have towards him and with their own hard earned money. We don't have any polictical party or support or even support from Rajini.

Despite this, fans are fanatic.

Yesterday a giant hoarding was placed in Poonamalee High Road, Near NSK Nagar Bus Stop and Anna Nagar Arch.

I came to know about this and informed press persons to comeover there and cover the events.

Meanwhile a group of University of London students are camping in Chennai for their research and documentary on Superstar and his fans. Our member Neela Narayanan introduced them to me and i asked them to come to the hoarding inauguration ceremony so as we will be able cover the events as double delight. And also informed press to take coverage about this and publish.

Today Maalai malar will be publishing a special article with ample coverage on this.

Will update u further.

Pls check the photographs of the event in the following link:

File names: Anna Nagar Hoarding 1 to 5.jpg


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Video : Fans reaction after Sivaji audio release

Part 2

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sivaji Audio Review by Economic Times


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Sivaji bash costs a life

Sivaji's audio is breaking records after records. The film is also reported to be in the finishing stages with work on background score and sound effects going on. The release date is tentatively fixed on 17th of May. What else could be a better reason for a celebration? After all, the movie had been in the making for more than a year now.
Shankar made the call and threw a party to honor the sound recordists and engineers who had contributed towards success of the audio. The party was at the Shankar's 'Shanki' farmhouse at Neelankarai. Shankar, the name is synonymous with grandeur, not only in movies but also in personal life; the party which began during the late hours of April 4th went on till the wee hours of the next day.

Shankar, Superstar and AVM Saravanan though reported by few dailies as present in the party had not participated. "The party was more of a thanks giving event for the technicians involved in the audio and the re-recording of the movie", says a reliable insider.

Everyone present preferred to lose themselves in the joy of the moment. There must have been a generous offering of drinks as the events that took place later substantiate. Many of the guests were too intoxicated to drive home themselves and decided to put up at the farm house and leave in the morning after they had become sober. But, they woke up to a shocking sight late next morning. A person was found dead inside the swimming pool of the farm house. He was later identified as Sachidanandan @ Sachu (45), chief sound engineer by his assistant Lingam. The police were informed after the body was taken out of the pool. From the look of things, Sachidanandan had apparently fallen into the pool in a state of intoxication and was unable to call for any help. However the police have not given any official statement. The body was then sent to the Royappettah hospital for autopsy. The report is awaited. Sachidanandan is survivied by wife Kokila (35), daughter Revathy (11) and son Maithreyan (7).
Source :

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Shivaji is like no other Indian Film

'All the roads lead to Rome' is an old proverb. 'All the people's and the media attention is only on Shivaji is the new proverb in south Indian cinema. This is no exaggeration.The entire state of Tamil Nadu is going crazy about Shivaji after the audio launch of the film. Young boys and college students have been seen changing their hairstyles like Rajini's in the film immediately after the release of some photographs from Shivaji. Many ardent fans of Rajini purchased the CDs and cassettes with their own money and supplied them to their neighbours free of cost! At the same time, some people sold the CDs in black market for Rs.250 today as the demand was greater than the supply. Nearly 80,000 CDs got sold out on the second day, and the sellers have requested the production house to send another 1 lakh CDs to meet the increasing demand.

According to the 'Music World' show room manager, people are prefering to purchase CDs rather than cassettes. He told us that he has seen more crowd today than on Monday when the audio was formally launched. AVM sources say that its audio distribution wing has supplied nearly 5 lakhs audio CDs and cassettes all over south India. They also say that there is an amazing response for the audio in Mumbai as well. According to them, more than 38 thousand audio CDs were sold in Kerala only. This is for the very first time that an audio in a different language has sold in the state in such a huge number, they claimed.

CD Sellers of Chennai Ritchie Street, the whole sale audio marketers for the entire south, told us that they had never seen such a high demand for a film's audio in the past 25 years. Pradeep of Supreme audio said, "On Monday, I opened my shop at 5 in the morning. When I reached there, there was a long queue waiting to purchase the Shivaji audio in front my two shops. It was quite unbelievable. One person, who had come there with a mini CD player, listened to the songs on the spot. He distributed sweets to the gathering there immediately after he felt satisfied with the Shivaji songs. This is really amazing, and I have never experienced any thing like it. The whowle country hasnt experienced anything like this. The super star has breathed a new life into the audio market through his film Shivaji. There is no doubt that Rajini has always ruled southern cinema and he is the real super star in the country!"

Probably going withe present hype, AVM Productions has plans to bring out a short film about the making of the film. No other Indian film has created so much hype like Shivaji has done in India or abroad. This film will be an unforgettable one for its producer AVM Saravanan, who is going to complete his 50th anniversary in film production. Before Shivaji, he has worked with the Superstar in 8 films. None of his earlier films have excited him or made him feel more proud than this one. In fact Shivaji, alias Rajini, has given a new life to the legendary production house on its 70th anniversary. Before the announcement of Shivaji, there was distribution of the ownership rights of the AVM Studios between the AVM brothers. AVM Saravanan got a lesser portion of the Studio premises. At this critical situation, he gave away the entire rights of the Tamil films produced under AVM banner to his younger brother AVM. Balasubramanian.

At a time when Saravanan was planning for some other projects to survive in the industry, Rajini came forward to allot his prestigious call sheets. He recommended Shankar's name to direct Shivaji. After the formal announcement of this project, the entire industry was up and about. There are hundreds and thousands of news, gossips, and debates doing the rounds about this film in the media, as well as the public. It is Shivaji, which has kept online journalists always in alert. For the first time in the world, some of the portals 'released' the complete songs of the movie with lyric notes online. But the curiosity for this film hasn't faded due to this leak. Infact, it has helped a lot in the film's overseas popularity, in a different way.

Keeping all these facts in mind, AVM Saravanan has asked the director to shoot a film on the making of Shivaji, simultaneously with the film. This film might feature all the stars including the 'King of Southern Cinema' Rajini and the director Shankar. Other technicians, including the incredible A.R. Rahman, cameraman, lyricists, dance masters, stunt masters...will share their unforgettable moments of association with Rajini and the film, Shivaji, in this curtain-raiser. The crew has titled this as 'Making of Shivaji - The Boss' and it will be of one hour in length. The CD and DVD of this short film will be circulated to the press at the time of Shivaji preview. AVM has planned to circulate the CDs to the outlets for sale, a after few days of the release of the film.

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Sivaji hoarding at Nungambakkam - Landmark, Chennai



First a heartful thanks to Sekar for inforsuperb news would have been reached late to me. (Inga Chennaiyil, communication gap rombha jaasthi. ISD talk kooda thevalam)

Back to the news, after reading Sekar's post on new hoarding, i can realize how restless many members felt to see or have a glimpse of that hoarding. Many of you would have called on your friends and enquired abt the same and also had a small quarrel with them because of not aware of the above said hoarding or just they failed to inform you.


Some of you (Outside Chennai and abroad members) of you even thought to pack to Chennai immediately through train/bus/flight just to have a glampse that hoarding alone. Am i right? If this is the case of you what would be the case of me - a Chennai member?

If it is my desire surely would wait to go to that place. Since i can understand the feelings of abroad and other state members, i just visited the spot after my office hours and took a snap this fine evening (4/4/07).

Just have a glimpse.

What the hoarding speaks?

You know - the hoarding has been brought up by Landmark and not AVM. This itself is a news. Because, it is very odd a book store raising a hoarding for an audio cassette. Previously i think, they raised hoarding for Harry Potter book. Now it's for Boss. Landmark used to earn a lot in Harry Potter. And so in Sivaji cd sales also. This purely shows the power of Boss.

www.rajinifans.comming me about this. Otherwise this superb news would have been reached late to me. (Inga Chennaiyil, communication gap rombha jaasthi. ISD talk kooda thevalam)

Back to the news, after reading Sekar's post on new hoarding, i can realize how restless many members felt to see or have a glimpse of that hoarding. Many of you would have called on your friends and enquired abt the same and also had a small quarrel with them because of not aware of the above said hoarding or just they failed to inform you.


Some of you (Outside Chennai and abroad members) of you even thought to pack to Chennai immediately through train/bus/flight just to have a glampse that hoarding alone. Am i right? If this is the case of you what would be the case of me - a Chennai member?

If it is my desire surely would wait to go to that place. Since i can understand the feelings of abroad and other state members, i just visited the spot after my office hours and took a snap this fine evening (4/4/07).

Just have a glimpse.

What the hoarding speaks?

You know - the hoarding has been brought up by Landmark and not AVM. This itself is a news. Because, it is very odd a book store raising a hoarding for an audio cassette. Previously i think, they raised hoarding for Harry Potter book. Now it's for Boss. Landmark used to earn a lot in Harry Potter. And so in Sivaji cd sales also. This purely shows the power of Boss.


Wednesday, April 04, 2007