Saturday, November 11, 2006

Drink Sivaji! Eat Sivaji! Think Sivaji! Breath Sivaji!



Our Thalaivar's forthcoming mega movie "Sivaji - The Boss"
is slowly

but surely getting completed. Another month or month and a

shooting alone is now pending after the Pune schedule. Then

production & fine tuning work will start & go on for another

or two.

I think by Feb.07 Sivaji songs may be released & it is going
to be

two months of enjoying the songs. Then, by mid-April THE
BOSS will

give DARSHAN on big screen all over the world.

I am numbering each passing day & waiting eagerly for the
arrival of

the Tamil New Years Day 2007 to see Thalaivar.

Till then how am I managing?

Just by wondering, thinking and visualising

- what will be Sivaji's story?

- what will be thalaivar's role in Sivaji?

- what theme Shankar would want to convey to the masses thru

Thalaivar in Sivaji?

- how Shankar would have visualised/projected Thalaivar in

- how different or stylish will the looks of Thaliavr be in

- what will be Thalaiavr's new style or punch dialogue in

- how well the intro song of Thalaivar be picturised in

- how well ARR would have tuned the songs for Thalaivar in

- how nicely all songs in Sivaji be picturised by Shankar?

- what message will Thalaivar be saying in the important
scene in

Sivaji (like the stadium scene in Anniyan)?

- how different and fantastic Thalaivar's fight scenes will
be in


- how grand the climax scene will be in Sivaji?

- from when Sivaji Promos will start appearing in TV & other

- how big Sivaji Movie Opening is going to be?

- what are all the records Sivaji is going to beat?

Yes friends. I am simply drowning myself in Sivaji thoughts.

though, at present I am facing some problems in my domestic

Sivaji thoughts alone gives me solace from the routine grind
& helps

me to refresh my mental batteries.

As the famous adline goes, my present mantra is

Drink Sivaji !

Eat Sivaji !

Think Sivaji !

Breath Sivaji !

Drown in Sivaji Thoughts !!!

With Luv,