Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sivaji�s price tag is 60 Crores!

The release dates of Sivaji and Dasavatharam is probably the most debated topic in Kollywood right now. Both movies are expected to be ready for an April 14 release. However, the concerned production houses, AVM and Oscar Films are not too eager to release the films together.
Both movies are big budget projects with several crores riding on them. With so much at stake, even the usually flamboyant Oscar Ravichandran is looking for a risk free approach. Eventhough the fans would be delighted to see the titans clashing yet again, the distributors are wary of the same. The trade believes that the two films would release with atleast a month’s space between them, with either Sivaji or Dasavatharam making it to the screens on the 14th of April.

Meanwhile, Sivaji’s distribution rights are estimated at a whopping 60 crores.
This news has discouraged several distributors who were vying for a share of the lucrative rights. With such a huge price tag, this Shankar directed film is expected to be purchased outright by a corporate firm like Adlabs

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