Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Is Vathiyar a lift of Sivaji story?

Vathiyar, which was supposed to be a Diwali release ran into trouble owing to several reasons. Previously, debts with Ramoji Rao film city where the movie was filmed and the pending paycheck of Arjun were quoted as reasons for the delayed release of the movie – which was reported by us earlier.
Now though, it seems that there is another interesting story behind the troubles of the movie.

Here is how the trouble brewed. The assistant directors who worked with the Vathiyar director Venkat are incidentally working with Shankar in Rajini’s Sivaji as well. This sparked suspicion amidst the officials at AVM, the producers of Sivaji, that a possible lift of the Sivaji’s storyline or even a few scenes is more than likely in Vathiyar due to the assistant director connection. Following this, AVM demanded for a special screening of Vathiyar to make sure that there not even a few imperceptible traces of Sivaji in Vathiyar.
A crew from AVM watched Vathiyar and it is reported that the company has okayed the movie for its release. Following this, Vathiyar is expected to hit the screens having been cleared all the mysteries.

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