Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sivaji, grander than grand

It’s grandeur. Nothing less.
Everything about Sivaji is grand. One of the costliest films to have been made in Tamil film industry ever, Shankar shot a song sequence at Pune recently with Rajinikanth and Nayantra shaking legs together. It was one of the grandest ever, sources say.
Known to keep details close to his heart until his film's release is Shankar. As usual, he did not divulge any detail on the song shot at Pune.
However sources say, it was a 'typical' Shankar style song. The song has been penned by lyricist Na Muthukumar and set to tunes by A R Rahman. It goes Kaveri Aaril Kai Kuliki.
Over 350 junior artistes appeared for the song, which were taken all the way from Kodambakkam to Pune.
What more these dancers had Rajinikanth's image painted on their torso.
Shankar had brought painters, who use to draw facial paints for Kathakali dancers in rural districts of Kerala, for the purpose.
Supposedly the richest shot song ever, it has peppy beats.
This is the first time that Rajini’s introductory song features an important actress.

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