Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rajini charms Sivaji crew with gifts

Sivaji crew is back to work in full swing for the second schedule of the shoots after a relaxing Diwali holiday break. Shankar and his aides are busy filming for the mega movie in North India, in Pune and other parts.
Sivaji is slated for an early 2007 release and Shankar is working towards it.

Whilst on the subject, Rajini seems to be indulged in the project, probably his spirits are lifted after him becoming a grandpa, we assume. He surprises the crew every now and then with galore of gifts. For instance, he gifted all the crewmembers with woolen sweaters while the shoots were held at a hill station in North India. On the other hand, after the successful filming of a stunt scene, he surprises the stunt crew with monetary gifts.
Rajini’s indulgence most certainly sends out a signal that he is enjoying the shoots of Sivaji, which by itself stands credit to the movie

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