Friday, November 10, 2006

Sivaji shoots in Pune and Shankar's misconception

No matter how far Rajini goes. Fans will follow him like his other self. This may sound like a cliché to you and me, but not to Shankar who learnt a lesson or two in this chapter. With shooting in Chennai becoming increasingly tough with the superstar, Shankar decided to pick Pune as his alternative to can the shoots of Sivaji – which is known to us already. But unfortunately, the undaunted Shankar's fallacy failed him during the shoots of Sivaji in Pune recently. The crowd was not lesser even by a single person in Pune than it was in Chennai.
Impressed by the picturesque landscape and the serene beauty of Pune and the surrounding villages, Shankar chose the place as a perfect hideaway shooting spot. But the fecundity was far less than expected. Though the shoots were perfect, the fan following was not any less as mentioned earlier.

Nightmare followed him in Pune during the two schedules. The first schedule shoots were carried out in Panchgani, Satara, and Vai villages in interior Pune. The crew visited Cyber City in Pune again for the second schedule of shoots and for canning the climax scene.
Thronging fans, squeaking and squealing to get a glimpse of their star proved to be a frightening experience for Shankar who thought his life would be easier away from Chennai.

If India is head over heels for Rajini, Spain proved nothing less. Unfortunate Shankar had to face the mobbing fans in Spain as well during the shoots.

Now though, after the hard-hitting second schedules the crew is back from Pune.

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