Friday, June 29, 2007

The Boss rules the box office

Rajini, the Boss of South Cinema proves his supremacy
at the box office every day. His blockbuster Shivaji
has been nearing Rs.30 crores within 10 days in Tamil
Nadu alone.

Film pundits claimed that this is an all time record
in Indian cinema. In other states and abroad too,
Shivaji has created many new records. Interesting,
most of the previous records were created by superstar

Shivaji, produced by prestigious production house AVM
with superstar Rajini is said to be the most expensive
film in Indian Cinema. The budget of the movie is
nearly 80 crores including the cost of the superstar.

It was released all over the world with more than 1000
prints. Lakhs of Indians staying in different parts of
the world celebrated the release of Shivaji like a
festival. In USA, the response was amazing. In
Germany, Shivaji is the first film which is shown for
more than 100 shows. In Britain, it is the first Tamil
film to make it to the UK Top 10 listed by BBC.

Now, the collection reports from all parts of the
world have come. All the distributors invariably said
that they have earned 100 percent profit from Shivaji.

In Tamil Nadu alone, the theatre collection of Shivaji
is nearing Rs.30 crores in just 9 days. It stands high
in the box-office list. It is expected to earn a
profit of Rs.140-150 crores in theatrical release

Sivaji�s collection is more than the monsoon rain, in

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