Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sivaji to delight Japanese and South African fans

The arrival of Sivaji â€" The Boss is creating a huge impact worldwide, with never-before record breaking collection. One particular country in which the superstar enjoys immense popularity is Japan. Rajini’s Muthu was a smash hit in Japan and a few of his Japanese fans have come all the way from Japan to meet the star. One fan even went to extent of getting married in his presence in India.
And his success did not stop at that. His Chandramukhi was also screened for 200 days in Japan. With such a huge fan following in that country and that’s not Indians living in Japan but Japanese themselves, Sivaji will be released this month-end. Sources say that 60 prints are to be sent to Japan, which in itself is a big fete. Another country in which Rajini carved a niche for himself is South Africa where his Chandramukhi was screened for 250 days. Sivaji will be released in South Africa sometime around the end of June for which 50 prints are in the making.

The movie is slated to hit the screens in Korea, Mauritius and Russia by the first week of July.

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