Wednesday, June 20, 2007

'Sivaji' is the boss in Singapore

Posters of ‘Sivaji: The boss’ at a movie theatre in Singapore
Tamil superstar Rajnikanth's new movie "Sivaji" has premiered to excited audiences in Singapore. Hundreds have passed through the movie theatre doors since the movie's opening three days ago (June 15), standing in line for hours hoping to get one of the few tickets still available.

Rajnikanth, affectionately just called Rajni by his fans is not only India's highest paid film star, but also enjoys unrivalled popularity across Asia.

Owners of a movie theatre in Singapore said it was showing 15 screenings of his new movie everyday. But some fans just can't get enough.

"I just bought two tickets to watch ‘Sivaji’. We've been waiting for quite a while. My husband is a huge fan and he's been waiting for months for this movie,” said Raji, a movie-goer.

The 57-year-old actor commands large audiences among Bollywood-lovers worldwide. Most say it is because his movies offer a unique charm.

"Every film I will not miss and I see them at least one time - minimum one time, and maximum up to ten or twenty times. He is my very favourite actor. He is a very good inspiration for me. I love him,” gushes a fan, Naterojen.

His hard-drinking, hard-smoking, street-smart characters even enjoy an unexplained mob following in Japan.

"I don't know about when they are going to show it in Japan, but definitely that movie must be good. It starrs Rajnikanth,” says Deshumkh, an Indian expatriate in Tokyo.

Rajini, who started out his career as a bus conductor, now is laughing all the way to the box office.

‘Sivaji’ is expected to break the record for being the most screened Indian-language movie in theatres across the world. It's also the biggest budget film to ever be produced in India.

(By Reuters’ Jennifer Marostica)

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