Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sivaji � Rajini�s different stages of life

If you have always been crazy about Khans and Bachchans’ costumes and yearned for the Bollywood-like costumes in Tamil movies, we have news for you. It won’t be too long that you spot Rajini in the legendary designer Manish Malhotra’s outfits in his next flick ‘Sivaji’. Manish is all set to don Rajini with his signature array of outfits that has made him hot property in Bollywood.
Manish malhotra & Urmila
Manish has designed Shah Rukh, Rani , Preity and Abhishek’s looks in the recent Kabhi Alvidha Na Kehna (KANK). He has previously worked with Shankar in Nayak, Hindi remake of the Tamil hit Mudhalvan.

Though Rajini’s style is much sought after all over India and the superstar is known for his panache and fast paced movements, he never had a signature designer. Manish claims to fill the gap by donning the role of Rajini’s designer in Sivaji and states that since Rajini has the style-quotient, he fits perfectly in all the outfits designed by him.
Manish also let the cat out of the bag by stating that this movie will feature Rajini in his different stages of life and that Rajini will wear more of leather outfits in Shivaji. Manish declares that he is elated to work with Rajini and has grabbed the opportunity with no second thoughts when he was offered.

He certifies that Rajini is down to earth and is humble and has no air of a super star. Well, that is not news for us. Manish is responsible for Shahrukh’s splendid looks and we are sure that Shankar extracted the most out of him - for the kind of perfectionist he is - for Sivaji. Wait for the visual treat folks until Tamil New Year

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