Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Will Superstar's Sivaji avail tax benefit?

Change of titles seems to be the order of the day for all Tamil movies with non-Tamil names; the reason, Tamil Nadu government’s decision to exempt movies with fully Tamil titles from entertainment tax.
The announcement saw a flurry of changes taking place. The first of which was Something Something Unakkum Enakkum, with Something Something being pushed as the tagline and we can witness this in the film’s ads in major dailies which carried ‘Something Something’ very inconspicuously. Many other movies awaiting release are following suite. Surya starrer Sillunu oru Kadhal formerly Jillinu oru Kadhal was the first of the front line star movies to do so.
All the producers seem to be eager to take full advantage of the exemption and save a lot of their money. Amidst reports about changes of names for many movies, the most awaited movie of the year, Superstar’s Sivaji has come into focus. Why has it come into focus? Well, it is because some people have ventured to say that the movie will need a change of title if it is to avail of the tax benefit.
Sivaji is not a pure Tamil name! Say some Tamil purists. The disputed part of the name is the syllable ‘Ji’ which is supposed to be of North Indian origin. Well, there is no dispute that Ji is a term used more in North India than in the south and that is precisely the reason why Jillinu oru Kadhal became Sillunu oru Kadhal.

The Superstar, however is unperturbed by these developments. (Does a movie starring him require tax exemptions to recover cost?) His circle has opined that the actor would wait and watch for the Chief Minister’s reaction on this.

Meanwhile it is Chief minister Karunanidhi who has been left in the spotlight and in a spot of bother as he has two friends on either side of the bar - on one side the legendary Sivaji Ganesan and on the other side, the Super star Rajinikanth.

As mentioned earlier some Tamil purists have pointed out the un-Tamil origin of Sivaji. Some others have opined that the name Sivaji belongs to one of the greatest artistes of the Tamil film industry and one of the finest ambassadors of pure and classical Tamil. It would be sacrilege to say that his name is not pure Tamil. Now it’s up to Kalaignar to take the all-important decision. The name of Sivaji is unlikely to be changed under any circumstance, that’s the style of the Superstar. The ball is in the government’s court.
Meanwhile shooting of Sivaji is on in full swing.

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