Friday, August 04, 2006

Sivaji - A SWOT Analysis


I have done a SWOT (Strengths, Weeknesses, Opportunities & Threats)
Analysis for our Thalaivar's SIVAJI. Request you to share your
views on the same.

A. Strengths:

1. Rajini: Obviously, this is the single most important Strength
for the movie with surefire & guaranteed 100% collections in the
opening week with fans spread all across the globe.

2. AVM: This production house is in its 60th year of producing
movies & knows the tricks of their trade by heart. They know what
sells & how to sell it & with their savvy & unique marketing style
are capable of positioning the product correctly in the minds of the
discerning viewers.

3. Shankar: An intelligent director, who knows how to package a
movie without boring the viewer. He is directing the movie of his
career (as he himself put it in CM Silver Jubilee function) & raring
to showcase Rajini in a way which he only can.

B. Weaknesses:

1. A.R.Rehman: Going by his current form, he is experimenting
too.....oooo much to the detriment of melody & has not given a
decent hit in Tamil since Boys. Even the latest SOK seems to be
evoking luke-warm response & mixed revies. So, can he deliver in
Sivaji or will it be Baba again?

2. Long Production Cycle: The time taken for producing the movie
(incl pre, on location & post production) is too long & hence there
may be chances of the story/stills etc getting stale in the minds of
the viewers.

C. Opportunities:

1. Objective of the Giants: As this is the movie where three
Jambavans of the industry are colloborating, here is a chance to
produce a movie of a lifetime which, in fact, is the wish of the
produver AVM Saravanan. This kind of opportunity may not present
itself again - so, in a way, it is now or never.

2. Box Office Benchmark: With such Giants behind the movie, this
movie is capable of delivering true box-office records & setting the
benchmark for the Indian film Industry (leave alone Tamil industry)
may be in Billions rather than in Millions - Infosys style.

D. Threats:

1. Expectations: The huge amount of people's expectations for any
Rajini movie itself will be difficult to bear. Coupled with Rajini,
this is also Director Shanakar's movie thus already resulting in
expectations soaring to stratosphere. Can such sky-high
expectations weigh the movie down if the movie falls slighlty short
of the expectations, which is a probability.

2. Undue Secrecy & corresponding Media Hype: The Iron Curtain (so
to say) drawn by the production team in order not to leak any movie-
related news to the general public, unnecessarily leads to mis-
conceptions or rumours which can do more harm than if the producers
themselves start selectively briefing the media now & then. Media
is ever vigilant during the production stage of any Rajini movie.
With censorship resorted to by the produvers in relation to media,
rumours & hype are the order of the day. This will lead to
unnecessary expectations about the movie & its story & subsequent
disappointments, if the expectations turn out to be false.

4. High Financial Stakes: From what is rumoured in media, the film
has been sold out (at first level) for astronomical amounts, hitheto
unheard of in the industry. So, the movie has to do phenomenally
well at the box office if it has to give the expected returns to the
distributors, to make the whole proposition financially viable.

Friends, let us have some constructive discussions on Sivaji & its
expectations - both creative as well as financial.

With Luv


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