Thursday, August 31, 2006

Suman gushes about Sivaji experience

Looks like actor Suman has finally go his big break. Acting in a Rajni film is something big in itself. Acting in a role that is opposite to Rajni’s character is an honour and also an onerous responsibility. Suman is playing the villain in Rajni’s magnum opus and he is extremely thrilled about it. This is what he had to say he was asked about his latest assignment.

He was full of thanks for Shankar who chose him for the role in spite of many veteran ‘bad guys’ who would gladly do the role. One can vividly recall villains of many Rajni movies who gave the movie as much impact as Rajni did. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that the villains added impetus to the character of Rajni. Raghuvaran’s ‘Antony’ in Baasha and Ramya Krishnan’s ‘Neelambari’ in Padaiyappa are shining examples of this.

Notwithstanding the fact hat these actors are still around Shankar has gone for Suman. We all know Shankar and we can be assured that he would not have done this without reason.

According to Suman this character will be something that is not even remotely related to the characters he has done before. It will be something that most moviegoers would not associate Suman with. Suman said that his character has been carefully etched by Shankar giving full attention even to the minutest detail. Since it is a Rajni movie it is sure to be seen by a worldwide audience and many more people will start recognizing Suman after Sivaji releases. He hopes his career graph really takes off from this point of time.

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