Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Rajni woos Shankar and his crew

As far as the filming of Sivaji is concerned, it is nearing completion except for a few scenes. There is only one pending duet involving super star and Shreya which Shankar has proposed to shoot in an overseas location. Hence Rajni has been asked to take a short sabbatical
while the crew is busy shooting scenes with Suman in a T Nagar bungalow.

But Sivaji team was in for a pleasant surprise when Rajni walked into the sets recently. He wished to watch the proceedings for a while but stayed on till the end of the shoot. He also took pictures with the entire team. Shankar who has been a silent spectator to all this was suddenly summoned by the super star who expressed his desire to click a picture with him. Overwhelmed by Rajni’s simple nature, Shankar had his photograph taken with this legendary actor. Undoubtedly the entire crew was moved by this friendly gesture of Rajnikanth.

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