Friday, January 05, 2007

Sivaji and the educated guesses

One of the abiding questions in the industry now is: "What's the story of Sivaji?"

The answers depend on whom you are speaking to in the industry.

The Rajinikanth-Shreya starrer has the industry sitting on the seat edge and speculating.

But being a Shankar directed venture, the news about the movie are hard to come by. Shankar is known for secrecy and he has ensured that no word is leaked to the media.

But time to time there has been speculation about the story and script.

The latest we hear is that Rajini is playing a dual role in the movie. And the conjecture is that Rajini is playing a dad and son.

The story, we are told, in a typical Shankar style, takes a dig at the education scenario in the country. Shankar, it is said, has taken on the vested interested groups and politicians who have made education a lucrative business.

But there is no confirmation on the news as yet. And by the looks of it, nobody is ready to stop guessing and speculating about the film, for the film is the magnum opus of the year, with hopes riding high on it!

If indeed Rajini and Shankar have delved on this subject, then it should be interesting, and dare we say, powerful.