Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Superstar's magical words push Sivaji higher

Rajni, at the premier of Chandramukhi was asked by P. Vasu for his opinion. Rajni said 'double Baasha'. Chandramukhi went on to become one of the biggest hits in the history of Indian cinema. He had said similar things at the premiers of Baasha and Padaiyappa.
Both the movies were blockbusters. There is a strong belief in the industry that a film praised by Rajni will rock at the box office.

When news about Shankar having shown Rajni a rough cut of the first half of Sivaji and the later reportedly being impressed with the movie went around Kollywood, the excitement about the movie shot up too.

"When Rajinikanth talks good about the outcome of a movie, it is bound to be good. We have always found that to be proven right", affirms one of the leading distributors of the NSC area. "Sivaji which was already set to sell at very high prices is now poised to touch new highs in its price with reports coming in from reliable sources that the Superstar himself is happy with the rushes", says a theatre owner and distributor in Coimbatore.

A mere word of appreciation from a man has done this much for a movie; what if the movie really turns out to be exceptional. One can't wait for the movie to release!

Source : www.behindwoods.com