Thursday, March 15, 2007

"Authentic" Media "Report

Hi Friends,
I am seeing lot of discussions on the Sivaji release date / cassette release date etc. After all film making is a 'Project'. Like any other projects, this also has all kinds of risks / dependencies / schedules etc.
How many of you work in IT projects and how many revisions the project plan goes thru during its life cycle. Is that any individual to be blamed for the revision?. Can we get mad at Project Manager alone for any delays?. Yes he holds the responsibility for delivery but he can not be personally blamed for any delay which is not his control alone.
I  do not know about Shankar's credibility as a project manager but I am convinced he is definitely comparable to one of the veterans of Project Management profession. I will not be surprised if he uses all modern project management tools. If not atleast use the basic tool like Microsoft Projects. Days have gone where film director be just creator. TO my knowledge Maniratnam changed the film making style of Directors. As Management Professional he introduced management tools to the industry of film making. Shankar has gone more steps ahead of him.
Now, the point is, don't get upset because no information about the cassette release date, movie release date and official information. After all the movie is taken for US only. Like a mother knows when and what to feed a child, Shankar knows when to release to us. I consider your emotions like crying babies. I just want to tell you like a father telling crying baby ' amma  seekiram sappadu panniduvada, konjam poruthukka'.
Come on friends, have some more patience... dont get too emotional..

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