Thursday, March 08, 2007

`Sivaji` resale in Kerala!

AVM's Rajnikanth mega budget Sivaji,'s resale has taken place in Kerala territory. Remember that had broken the news of the first official Sivaji theatrical rights sale in Kerala to Palakkad Govindan's G.R.S films, a few weeks backs for Rs 3.10 Crores.
Now G.R.S has sold the entire Kerala theatrical rights except Palakkad district to Johnny Sagariga Films for an undisclosed amount. The grapevine has it that Govindan gets to keep Palakkad district worth Rs 20 to 25 Lakhs as his profit, even before the film has released!
Johnny Sagariga was one time a leading audio company before it ventured into producing films. Most of Johnny's films bombed, though he had a big hit in Niram, which was subsequently remade in Tamil. For the last few months, Johnny was keeping a low profile, after he switched over to Tamil film distribution with Sillunu Oru Kathal, which almost wiped him off!
But now Johnny has made a fantastic comeback by buying the Sivaji rights. The trade in Kerala is skeptical and says it is too high a price to pay and that too without Palakkad. Still Johnny is a willing risk taker, as the hype on the film gets bigger day-by-day.
Johnny is an optimist and feels that it will work out for him, as he plans to release the film in 60 to 70 screens in Kerala. It is an experiment which has not been tried out for any Tamil or Malayalam film before in the state.
For example in the two major centers, Tiruvananthapuram and Ernakulam he is releasing the film in three theatres. And in smaller stations like Attingal or Tirur there will be two screens.
Source : Sify

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