Monday, March 05, 2007

Questions! Questions! Where are the answers?


Of late, the information flow(?) on "Sivaji" has become a trickle &
I am afraid even this trickle looks like stopping altogether with no
official news or media-generated reliable gossip coming our way.

Since the news on AVM. Saravanan's interview to Daily Thanthi reg
the completion of shooting & even dubbing of Thalaiavr's portion as
well as the release date being fixed for 12th April, 2007, and the
likely release of Sivaji's audio not later than the second week of
March, 2007, we have not heard anything of substance reg the movie
or its other related matters.

Why is it that still there is no official announcement reg Sivaji
audio release date/function?
Or will there be any audio release function held at all?
Are there 5 or 6 songs in the movie? (Hindu report says 5)
When are they going to release the trailer in TVs?
When are they going to activate the official website of the
movie ""?
Has Sivaji been sold out, including overseas territories? If not,
why is it still dragging on?
Is the editing portion completed & re-recording started? If not,
when will it be over & re-recording will start?
Will it be ready in time to get censored, so many prints taken out &
safely sent to the destinations in time for a 12th April release?

I have so many & more questions going thru my mind but am not able
to get any definitive answers. This is really putting me off &
though the time between now & April 12 is just about 5 weeks, it
looks like a wait. I was able to wait since August,
2005, patiently but since the announcement about 12th April being
the release date, I have become restless & simply could not wait.

Nowadays, its become like I need to hear something or the other
about Sivaji daily, without which it is very difficult to pass a
day. I am sure many of you are also going thru this agony of
waiting endlessly for Sivaji like me.

AVM Saravanan Sir, Shankar Sir, Please hear so many fans' plight of
endless waiting to see our "Sivaji - The Boss" on the silver
screen. Request you at least from now on keep giving some news or
other to the media to help keep our expectations in check & quickly
release the audio without any more delay (with or without
function). The audio will keep us engaged till 12th April, 2007, by
which time, hopefully the movie itself will be released.

I request Moderators & other seniors like Ramki, Sundar, etc. to use
their contacts & good offices to gather more information & keep them
posted regularly in our forum so that many fans will keep abreast of
the latest developments on Sivaji front.

Thanks for reading & sharing my agony.

With Luv,


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